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Prompt Your Creative Side

“I wouldn’t go any further, unless you want your delusions scattered,” his daughter warned.  She was sitting in the shadows at the far end of the porch.

“I was dropping off his jacket he left at the diner,” Joyce explained.

“I’ll take it, that way his unscrupulous reputation will remain without confirmation,” she said as she stood up and walked towards Joyce.

Joyce was confused.  She handed the jacket to his daughter.  She stood there for a moment gazing at his daughter, as if waiting for an explanation.

His daughter took the jacket as she exhaled her cigarette. “Thank you, I’ll tell him, you stopped by,” she said.

“Ok, thanks,” Joyce said as she took a few steps backwards to head towards her car.  She kept staring at his daughter in wonder.  His daughter glared at Joyce with a half smirk as Joyce got into her car.  Joyce could feel his daughter’s eyes to continue to burn into her as she looked into the rearview mirror while she drove out of the drive.

Joyce didn’t want to leave and was curious of what goes on behind closed doors at the Fuller’s residence.  Each time he came into the diner, he was polite, had the capacity to make others laugh, and his friends that would join him seemed to respect his opinions shared.

He had asked Joyce out last night, encouraging her to share some time, to get to know him better.  Now she had been warned to forget their last conversation.


Creative Prompt

Prompts are creative ways to get the imagination active.  So to speak, to get the juices flowing to create, to develop a perception that can grow.  Using a prompt can give me that stimulation needed to build upon a concept or notion.  I find using lines from the newspaper, or even comments from friends and family and pictures have inspired me with ideas.  I was listening to a conversation and the statement, “She kept staring at his daughter,” stayed in my thoughts.  Ideas of a mystery started to progress.  Who knows where I will go with this dramatic beginning.

Exercise Creativity

Take Me Home

It has been one of those weeks when cloud cover seems to stay and moisture lingers in the air with the scattered thunder storms. It has been a pleasant week to complete some things indoors, including reading. I have read some intriguing books and even read that typically the genre I find fun to read is often the best genre for my writing. I do not know if there is a lot of truth in that ideology. I have enjoyed books of mystery, crime, and even romance, but I write through the view point of a cat.

I had done an exercise in the past that suggested picking an age I had fond memories. Then describe myself at that age and what I wished for out of the future at that age. Then compose that description into a character. Believe it or not, that is where I got the idea for speaking through the cat. At a young age, I was so fond of animals, especially cats. When neighbors lost their pets, they would call my house first to see if I had brought them home. If a puppy came up to me as I was walking home from school and seemed to want to follow me, and then home with me, he came. I was more than willing to let him stay, provide food and water and give him a name. I was determined to rescue all abandoned pets. Today, I still have a weak heart when it comes to stray animals. So, now explaining that exercise, that gives insight to where my characters come from in my stories.

I will admit that various exercises suggested through classes, magazines, and the Internet can provide inspiration to writing. When I have those moments, and hopefully less than more, and my thoughts do not seem to stay focused on writing the story at hand, these exercises seem to help add fuel to give creativity a boost. One exercise I liked, I call the Hallmark exercise, and you were to think of a Holiday, one that was memorable and exciting. Let yourself go back in time and feel the emotions you felt. Then write about the emotions in tangible detail. What would you describe that can be touched, but expresses tender joy? Another was to write about your favorite Holiday food. Allow yourself to use your senses and capture each element of aroma, texture, taste and appetizing appearance.

The first time I attempted some of these exercises, well, some of those first drafts have been deleted. But I will say, I have gotten ideas from those attempts and even used some of the descriptions from the exercises in some of my stories.

So, if it is a rainy day and you find it is a reasonable time to remain indoors, what genre do you like to read? Maybe it is an opportune time to write, like a letter to a friend and describing that new recipe for cheesecake you just baked. Make your friend reach out and contact you because she could just smell, taste and see that scrumptious, delectable dessert.

Creativity with a Cat!


Dialogue with My Cat after the weekend.

Cat: It’s time to pay me some attention now that everyone has left.

Me: I have things to do. I have to get the dishes washed, laundry, and I just want to relax.

Cat: (Jumping from the floor to my lap) I’m not asking, I’m demanding some attention!

Me: Come on! At least let me finish my morning coffee. (Pause) Did you enjoy seeing everyone? (Smiling, looking at the cat and petting him.) I enjoyed seeing my Dad and spending time with my daughter and granddaughter.

Cat: Hmm…Do you want the truth?

Me: Time to jump down so I can finish things around here. I really want the opportunity to write some today.

Cat: I belong in your lap and not that computer.

Me: Now, now…let’s not have an attitude.

Cat: I was once a God in Egypt and killing a cat in Egypt was punishable by death. Why would I want to give up that status?

Me: One that was around 3000 BC and second, we are not in Egypt.

Cat: Sounds like that’s your problem and not mine! Now pet me!

Me: Ok…I’ll give you this moment.

Cat: Feel privileged that you have this spiritual moment, to say you have been with the Gods!

Creativity Opens the Mind and Heart!

Dialogue with My Cat

Cat: It’s time to pay me some attention and not the computer.

Me: I’m writing right now, but I haven’t forgotten you.

Cat: (Jumping from the floor to my lap) I’m not asking, I’m demanding some attention!

Me: Come on!  I’ll be finished in a few minute. (Pause) Since you’re up in my lap, can you read what I have written and tell me what you think.

Cat: Hmm…So many words (leaning closer to the computer screen) sounds fine to me. So…You are really enjoying yourself with writing?

Me: I enjoy attempting to write, but there are times I just can’t get the words out the way I picture it in my mind.

Cat: Close your eyes at times and really see the details of your vision and then describe it as you see it.

Me: OK…but when I’m concentrating on writing, getting the vision, and describing on paper, then I forget what I’m doing when you come along and demand that I drop everything to pet and pay you attention.

Cat: That’s what that save icon is for…save the work…scratch me behind the ears and then reread and you’re back on track.

Me: But when I’m on a roll, I really don’t want to be disturbed.

Cat: You know when you talk and pet me, you feel more relaxed and loved which calms you to think better for your writing…pet me and love me and see if ideas don’t pop into your head!

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