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Gift of Freedom

Happy 4th of July

I plan to enjoy the 4th of July, Independence Day of the USA, a day of celebration and commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of 1776.  The day has a history and meaning, but to most it has become a Holiday for friends and family to gather for cookouts, parades, fireworks, and the celebration of togetherness.  It is a day to celebrate when I realize the opportunity of freedom I have been granted with the heritage, history of journeys of others that saw and believed in a dream and made the sacrifice needed so I could be where I am today.  Society, as I know it, has evolved to the patriotic tune of liberty and freedom.  So, today as I enjoy family and friends, display the colors of red, white and blue, join into the outdoor cookouts and end the day with watching the amazement of fireworks, I am grateful to those of the past, present and future for their dreams, commitments, and sacrifices so, I would have the opportunity to live in a country that supports a gift, I call freedom!

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