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Creativity offers Humor to Life!


Some say NASCAR is a form of Religion,
Some say it’s a gathering of Rednecks,
I say NASCAR is an insight,
A gathering of family, that cheer,
Put aside their worries for enjoyment,
One weekend, one season and I say each day.

Race day has been every day,
Family has raced to my side,
Fixed my engine when I’ve blown,
Replaced my tires for the ride,
Fueled my dreams to follow and achieve,
Cheered me on when I have been a lap behind.

Family has been my roar to keep my engine running,
Has been my sponsor to stay in the game,
Has been my green flag to go for the that extra mile,
Been my pit stop of support to keep trying,
All the points of racing, all I need is family,
They’re my checker flag of strength and love!


Go Jimmy Johnson!

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