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The Journey

There is a celebration to some, and there is sadness to others.  I have had the opportunity to read comments and watch TV, and I too have my opinion.  Each day can bring to some, news they want to celebrate, and that same news can produce conflict or sorrow to another.  I have come to see that it is a balance, both good and bad, joy and sadness, conflict and peace.  I had been told even when I was a child; you have to experience both to appreciate the better.

No matter what the experience, it adds growth to the journey.  There can be challenges to one’s strengths and beliefs. At times, the journey can be of mystery, the unforeseen future, a surprise party in the making, so-to-speak, and then, there are times when it can be predictable.  There can be times, when the question has been asked, “Why?” and other times when the words of gratitude have been expressed.  There are times when the experience has been shared, and other times, it has been the choice to ignore.  There are times, during my journey, when I am there physically, but not in spirit, so I have missed the complete experience.

I have experienced occurrences, spoken at folks and been present in situations physically, but not in the spirit.  I have attended events and yet not been an active participant.  I have talked at someone and not given them the respect for their opinion, which has led, to an argument.  I truly believe that when I talk with someone, I can respectfully give them the attention and acknowledgment they deserve even if I disagree, and then it is the act of talking with them.

Have you ever been somewhere, but wished you were someplace else?  Have you ever been with someone and wished you were with another?  Have you ever talked at someone and not with them?  I know I have been in that situation.

Technology has been able to create many things, but not the spirit within a human being that gives life.  That abstract concept, unable to see, cannot put your finger on, which some call heart, mind, drive, soul and I call spirit.  I give credit to a power greater than me for the development and breathing life into my spirit.  During the journey, I have grown and rely on that higher power, God, to give meaning to my spirit.

I believe when I strive to do something that is just, productive, and can be shared with others, my spirit will be actively involved with me physically during those situations.  My spirit finds meaning on my journey.  I truly believe that the spirit within was created to be shared.  Shared in friendships, powered by love, and will offer sacrifice, and when shared, that spirit grows and brings meaning to living.

I have witnessed one take full credit or greed for the attention and glory, which the ego can take control and make a person’s spirit become hidden from sight and not present, and seem lonely and destructive in their journey.   When the spirit is withheld and not shared, I have seen the ego take control and the physical body cries out to control, manipulate, and even hurt in that search for meaning.   I have seen individuals with so much to give and by choice withhold.   They have looked sad, angry, and miserable, and seem to push those near away.

I do not claim to have any answers, but I will strive to respect what was believed to be just, productive and could be shared with others for the better of humankind with all the opinions, including mine.  I also believe, it is not for me to judge another person’s spirit, only that privilege is given to the creator himself.

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