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Within, It Comes

The Light From Within

When the New Year rings in, I know I can come up with a list of creative changes. As the weeks pass and plans made for the following month, I sometimes forget that list.

I have learned with each new year that it’s not the actual list, but the pursuit within to build upon and better myself that makes each new year an experience to look forward to accepting.

It is not a new diet or exercise program. It is not the intention of quitting an unfavorable habit. It is the desire to become stronger and better than before. When reaching out to others, the more those basic goals seem to fall into place, and I become a better person. It’s taking responsibility for me and my actions. To support others, to love more, to devote myself to help; then that extraordinary magic that comes from joy and happiness seems to take control. I find myself to be succeeding in the simple goals, and finding hidden strength to overcome the discouraging and disappointing moments.

Devotion to Live

I dedicate myself,
To dance through the unexpected,
Smile into the light of the sunrise,
Grasp a dream that lifts my spirit,
Stand firm in faith that I can,
Follow the multicolored path of joy,
Flow in the whirling strong winds,
No doubt to endless possibilities.

I challenge myself,
To ride out the storms of discouragement,
To cheer Hope on to win over Disbelief,
To lean on the magical spirit in courage,
To listen beyond the deafness of uncertainty,
To count the blessings with each sunset,
Grow from the gifts of life’s experiences,
No doubt to endless possibilities.

I accept myself,
Clouds of vagueness,
Paths of insecurities,
There will be no hold.
Devotion and challenge,
Rainbows of promise,
Sunrise to sunset,
No doubt to endless possibilities.


Commitment to Creativity

Pursuing Creativity within ourselves…
Each day offers the opportunity to become creative with our self, family, and neighbors. It gives us the strength to reach out, listen, and even forgive. Creativity allows us to learn, cope, and go beyond the boundaries of limitations. It dissolves the fences that restrict us within weaknesses. It removes the handicap of inability. There is no reservation to capacity. Creativity gives the freedom to take responsibility, ownership, and commitment to develop indefinite dreams and make them into reality to share with our self, family and neighbors.

Dare to Dream

Each Day
Sunrise Light,
Sunshine Warmth,
Night Fades,
Stars Hide,
New Beginning,
Miracle Behold!


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