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The Power of Learning

Brightness of a Smile

The wonderful thing about creativity is I am always learning. Learning something new is insightful, but it’s also motivational to move forward and follow my dreams. New knowledge can create a different perceptive on problem solving. Then I feel better about myself, smile more, and seem to enjoy others around me.

Cycles of situations, the trails of influence, the cause and effect moments; I can choose to dwell on the emptiness of what I don’t have or the fullness of what I can use as resources. It is a marvelous thing when you think about it, choice, but it can be hard to obtain at times. Sometimes, allowing the influences of others can sneak up on you. Before you know it, you identify with their misery that they are comfortable with sharing, voicing, and pointing out the negative, the emptiness of their lives, the lack of desire, and unwillingness to care. I have been told to walk away, but what if it’s family, close friends, or your children?

I don’t have the answers, but what works with me, holding onto what’s true in my heart, my desires, and my dreams. Taking the time to see a young child smile, listen to their giggles, and share in their world of laughter. Walks to breathe in the fresh air, take in my surroundings, and collect my thoughts. A book that allows me to relax, take an adventure, or an uplifting article to read. Carrying my camera as I walk, run errands, to photograph something that’s an eye-catching scene or moment. But most of all, one thing that can be inspiring and help me keep a positive attitude; learning something new.

I appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to sign up for some free classes offered at my local community college, and when I leave, I feel inspired to share what I have learned, use what I have learned, and I discover that new ideas are creating in my thoughts. I am uplifted by the inspiration and the imagination.

In my opinion, welcoming something new, change, or a challenge it feeds into that cycle of situations, trails of influence, and the cause and effect moments; so, I can make better choices, which allow me, to concentrate on the fullness of what’s available, and use what’s around as resources to living abundantly on my journey.

Creative Determination

Thought for Today

My Thoughts for Today!

Determination is an essential and significant element to the creation of a dream.
I may have the imagination and my thoughts swimming with ideas, but they remain hidden like a treasure buried and unknown to others until I become determined to create and share. From society’s expectations, I face daily demands and stressors that I accept to be a productive adult, but I remain in control of my interpretation, attitude, and perceptive when I strive to create a vision that adds fulfillment to living. A dream can evoke strong emotions, sweet thoughts, and uplifting desires, but the journey begins in the pursuit, the courage to strive and take a risk, and shape that dream into a living reality that can be shared. No matter what the challenge, I remind myself to stay determined and never let go of my pursuit, accept the risks of failure to bring to life the creation of my dream. Determination is the energy to my beating heart to live!

A Dream

Create with imagination,
Reach to achieve,
Explore each aspect,
Attention to each detail,
Trust in your confidence,
Express with charisma.

Anticipation, hopeful attitude,

Determination, earnest desire,
Receptive, positive suggestions,
Expectation, unlimited possibilities,
Aspiration, willingness to strive,
Motivation, bring into existence.


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