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Being Passionate to Create

To be creative is beyond the concept of being blessed with the gift. One can use discipline within a daily routine to expand their creativity. Creativity in writing, drawing, painting, photography, crafts, cooking and/or scrapbook, etc. is attainable when we simply attempt to reflect on past experiences:

  1. Remember those moments that make you smile or giggle with thought. Remember childhood adventures and packs. Remember wanting to be like our hero. Remember what you wrote in your best friend’s yearbook your senior year. Remember that photo you treasured tucked in your favorite book. Remember the anticipation Christmas Eve for that prized gift. Remember the comfort of being greeted by your pet. Remember the pat on the back when you saw your name on the ball team roster. Remember the satisfaction when you earned your first dollar. Close your eyes and now venture down memory lane. Go to a time before you allowed restrictions and limits dictate your daily assignments. Take a deep breath and relax. Give yourself permission to relive in another moment for five minutes.
  2. Think of those issues you had a passion about. Some that could get under the skin and itch until you took a position. Sometimes you would get carried away and rally to defend what you believed was best with genuine intentions from the heart. Reflect to those times and remember how you felt alive and had a purpose to live.
  3. Now you have the ingredients. Use those emotions to ignite the furnace within raising the temperature with ideas boiling to be expressed.

It’s within us all.

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