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Summer Blast

Summer Fun

It’s only June, and the heat has risen to the temps of summer. These times when I am outside I want to be near the water. If it’s not a time for recreational fun, then air conditioning I seek. When I’m hot, I have discovered that I don’t move as fast, so now I know why they call these times the “lazy days” of summer in the south.

I enjoy sitting indoors, in the coolness of air conditioning, to write, but I will have to say that the outside calls me. I can remember those times when school was out as a child and the summer heat did not seem to slow me down from walking, riding my bike, or running the bases as we played street baseball. It was a time of social fun and days seemed to last longer.

It is those memories that convey ideas for writing and developing characters for a story. Those childhood moments of summer fun, full of energy, dreams, and hopes for the future, that gives inspiration to escape for ideas now that I am an adult. Escaping into the laughter of imagination of super powers, being the hero, flying to new worlds, and pretending the “happy ever” when gold and silver of the pirate ships were found. Yes, I will say, I remember those “lazy days” of summer. It’s only June, and the temperature is rising to prepare for summer, so it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and develop those moments into a story that can be shared.

Summer Fun

Bare foot in the sand,

A game of Kick the Can,

Swinging from the trees,

Avoiding the bees,

Hide and seek at dusk,

Street light base a must,

Fireflies dancing along,

Crickets playing their song,

Summer fun makes a splash,

Memories, time went too fast.


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