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From the Heart

I was asked the other day, “Why Creativity?”
Well, let’s define creativity first. It is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create significant and meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination; according to the dictionary.
It’s an everyday quality that I truly believe everyone has and processes to make life more meaningful. I appreciate the state of being creative with photography and writing, but I also use that skill in problem solving daily issues.

Niagara Falls

The Heart of Creativity

Concepts to hold,
Stories to be told,
Originality of thought,
Expression caught,
Illustrations to share,
Ideas to bare,
Discovery will peak,
Something to be unique!


Prompt Your Creative Side

“I wouldn’t go any further, unless you want your delusions scattered,” his daughter warned.  She was sitting in the shadows at the far end of the porch.

“I was dropping off his jacket he left at the diner,” Joyce explained.

“I’ll take it, that way his unscrupulous reputation will remain without confirmation,” she said as she stood up and walked towards Joyce.

Joyce was confused.  She handed the jacket to his daughter.  She stood there for a moment gazing at his daughter, as if waiting for an explanation.

His daughter took the jacket as she exhaled her cigarette. “Thank you, I’ll tell him, you stopped by,” she said.

“Ok, thanks,” Joyce said as she took a few steps backwards to head towards her car.  She kept staring at his daughter in wonder.  His daughter glared at Joyce with a half smirk as Joyce got into her car.  Joyce could feel his daughter’s eyes to continue to burn into her as she looked into the rearview mirror while she drove out of the drive.

Joyce didn’t want to leave and was curious of what goes on behind closed doors at the Fuller’s residence.  Each time he came into the diner, he was polite, had the capacity to make others laugh, and his friends that would join him seemed to respect his opinions shared.

He had asked Joyce out last night, encouraging her to share some time, to get to know him better.  Now she had been warned to forget their last conversation.


Creative Prompt

Prompts are creative ways to get the imagination active.  So to speak, to get the juices flowing to create, to develop a perception that can grow.  Using a prompt can give me that stimulation needed to build upon a concept or notion.  I find using lines from the newspaper, or even comments from friends and family and pictures have inspired me with ideas.  I was listening to a conversation and the statement, “She kept staring at his daughter,” stayed in my thoughts.  Ideas of a mystery started to progress.  Who knows where I will go with this dramatic beginning.

Imagination Creates

See With Imagination

Today with the cloud cover and stronger breeze, knowing rain is in the forecast, it’s a perfect day to let the imagination come to life. Letting my imagination wander produces creative ideas. It’s a combination of reality and fantasy. It gives the ability to escape and create.

When I have a desire to rearrange the furniture in the living room, I first use my imagination of where things should be. Think about what I have available and what would be needed to complete the image I have created in my mind. When I attend yard sales and flea markets, I do the same thing. There is an old saying, “someone’s junk can be another person’s treasure.” I find the truth in that saying every day. I have found clothes from the goodwill, used them for costumes, work clothes, and even dress clothes. I have found furniture, and with a little work and paint, it becomes an exquisite piece in my house. I have found single items that should be in a set and with craft material; those items find their selves on wreaths, Christmas ornaments, and even gifts for others.

I have friends that complain about time and time can be an issue when children and job are involved. I also have used those same excuses when I see laundry mounting up, dishes piling up in the sink and repairs that need to be made. I ask myself at times, why do I not schedule fun activities that bring joy into my daily routine? If writing helps to relax me and I smile as I’m writing, then too, why is it not scheduled into my daily routine?

I’m human, and I too wear many hats of responsibility, but I wonder at times, do I get so involved in the financial stress, parenthood worries, and work commitments to punish myself because I lack the confidence to do what makes me happy? Do I think it’s selfish if I am happy with what I am doing and when someone next to me is miserable?

Six years ago, when I was going through chemotherapy and radiation, the nurses and doctors kept telling me to do what made me happy. They would tell me, “It’s all about you now.” It was a concept I didn’t understand. With time passing, I have had to learn to change my point of view, and accept that it is not being selfish to be doing what makes me happy. I’m learning it’s something everyone needs at times and not when you’re facing a health issue or fighting for your health, but early on to prevent and continue with quality health. I’m learning continuously, when I do what makes me happy, then I’m more productive to share positive moments with the ones I love.

So, today will be all about me (and you, if you’re reading) to do what makes me happy. I want to be healthy (both physically and mentally), to be around to talk about financial issues, the children/grandchildren, and jobs. So, I’ll write, I’ll walk, and do some crafts. My imagination has been set free!

Ideal Inspiration

Fantasize, open with the mind,

Colors and shapes of any kind,

Allow all the senses to observe,

Unique ideas appear to unwind!


Creative Nouns in the Journey

A Walk of Memories

The gentle breeze blowing my hair, the sun’s reflecting sparkles on the water, and the sand between my toes was refreshing to my imagination, thoughts, and my memories came to life. As I walked the beach and watched other children come to life on the beach, it reminded me of my childhood laughs and adventures. I was contemplating on editing one of my stories and thinking about sentence structure. Then the use and value of nouns came to mind. I have to laugh with some of the memories that surface. I drifted off to when I was young and looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons. I enjoyed the Schoolhouse Rock breaks between cartoons with songs related to History, Government, Math and English. I could hear the song again on Nouns.

“Well every person you can know,
And every place that you can go,
And anything that you can show,
You know they’re nouns.

A noun’s a special kind of word,
It’s any name you ever heard,
I find it quite interesting,
A noun’s a person, place, or thing.”

Nouns, that person, place or thing are essential to the sentence structure and to life. I know I come to life with nouns, spending a moment with a friend. I enjoy visiting various places, like the beach this week. One of the things I enjoy using is my camera to capture that sunset I’m watching. I appreciate those moments with those persons I know, and learning from the places I go, and creating with the things I show. Nouns that I like can become an inspiration to positive thoughts and dreams. Then I complete a sentence with verbs. Acting on those thoughts and dreams and turning them into reality. Those action words can add living into my life and become a blessing to whatever captures my interest. As I write, I use nouns and verbs to add form to my experiences and plans that encourage me to strive for more in my creative journey to living.

Soar High
Creating With Nouns

Noting those Special Persons,

On an adventure of Places,

Upholding interest in Things,

Never-ending Possibilities,

Soar High with Imagination!


Children Inspire Creativity

A Child

A child can see,
Puppies in the clouds,
A child can hear,
Violins the crickets play,
A child can think,
Issues resolved with their imagination.

I want to see,
Faces within the trees,
I want to hear,
Music within the swamp,
I want to think,
With positive thoughts that become a gift.

As we grow,
We need to learn from a child,
As we mature,
We need to share with a child,
As we develop,
The child within must explore life.

Shocked Face

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