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Destination: Drive it Forward

Traveling Along

Each time I travel, it is an opportunity to experience, to learn, to treasure, and add to the collection of memories.  Some travels can be stress free, relaxing, and I am able to incorporate new information that inspires learning and creating something new.  The sun is shining, few clouds, and a light breeze.  Then there are those days, days that seem to be cloud covered, the threat of rain, and no sunshine in the forecast.  I have heard myself request a second chance…”Let me go back to bed and try this again.”  I have to remind myself that this is the balance, sunlight is needed for growth, development, and a gradual increase in improvement, and so is the need for rain, to quench the thirst, to refresh so I can continue on.

Forward into the moment, forward into the happening, forward into the enjoyment of the occurrence and treasuring all that life has to offer.  Experiencing the trial and error of getting lost, weathering out the storm, and pulling over at times; these encounters are what can be given to the library of “nifty idea at the moment” knowledge.  I know some refer to it as mistakes and may even have regrets, but I have become who I am by experiencing the “nifty idea at the moment”.  It has been those ideas that gave me the sunshine I needed to stimulate creativity and each time I paused to quench my thirst, the expansion of my “nifty idea at the moment” knowledge has motivated me forward.

I guess life, my journey, could be compared to my car that has assisted me along the way.  I put it in “D” for the drive, to stay driven, to move forward on my destination and appreciate my surroundings as I continue on my adventure and strive towards my desired dreams.   At times, I have had to put it in “R” for the reverse, to backup from the situation, reexamine to see if I may need to establish a better route and include the GPS instructions to my library of “nifty idea at the moment”.  The “N” for neutral, when I need to pause, perhaps to collect my thoughts, even to reflex on the environment and “P” for parking into the moment of accomplishment, the creative idea fulfilled and treasured.   A lot of mileage has been placed on my vehicles, so the “D” has been beneficial, which the car was designed for driving.  I have utilized each vehicle, like using a talent or skill on my destination, moving forward, so I can create, learn and add to the memories of experiencing life.  I might prefer the hassle free, relaxing sunshine, but I continue to find inspiration to create even with bumps in the road, thunderstorms, and an occasional flat tire.

Risk the Chance

I shudder to think,

Not taking a chance,

Believing I would sink,

Missing the next link,

The next move,

Risking the growth,

Believing to prove,

Life is living the groove.


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