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Powers of the Heart

Rising to Truth

The passing of Valentine’s Day, cupid has come and gone; now it’s the next day, week, or the month after. For some the seed of affection, admiration, and fondness has been planted, and yet, for others it may be disappointment, anger, resentment that has been sowed. Some turn to the published articles of quick fixes for hope and others share the power of prayer and ask you to believe in what you cannot see.

What may work for some, may not work for others. I have been told that on many occasions. At this time, love is not in the cards for me, that too, I have been told. It will come when it is time, be patient, and again I have heard that comment. I have read famous quotes, seen inspirational works of blogs, articles and books on fixing the heart. I will admit, it’s a desire or wish that each person find comfort, joy and/or confirmation when it comes to matters of the heart.

I have witnessed too many times the seed of anger from a broken heart; grow into an emotional tornado of hatred, attacking both the guilty and the innocent. If no one has seen, just sit on the back row while a session of divorce court is being heard. Step out into the hallway and see the harden faces of the extended family. Most times, there are children involved, and that seed of anger and hatred is planted into the soft tissue of innocence of the heart.

Then I have witnessed as the clock ticks, time passes, there are moves, remarriage, and changes to ignore, but that poison of hatred can linger. I’ve been told by some; I can forgive, but will not forget. I have heard others dwell on the desire to live, to see what that other person will get what’s coming. Oh, how our society wants to see revenge, payment, justification.

I step back and realize I no longer know the person I offered assistance, suggested items to read of quick fixes, or told I would keep in my prayers. I have watched and observed, and it has scared me at times to see others become, I mean act and behave like that they protested against…they became what they hated. That poison had taken control, they are now under the influence, and most don’t see it. I have looked into the reflection of myself and realized I don’t like what I have allowed to influence me under that power of hatred.

I have experienced those elements of life that can plant the seed of both, love or hate, and I still from experience have no answers. From some, I have heard to walk away, but I think it’s more of focusing on who I want to be versus who I am. The invitation is offered to join me on that quest of a heart filled with love, happiness, and joy, but as I move forward on that “bucket list” of fulfillment, some decline the invitation.

If there is any truth of famous quotes or biblical messages, then it’s the reality of accepting yourself, knowing yourself, and bettering yourself to fight the poison of hatred. I have been told you cannot change others, but you can change yourself. From experience, that’s one lesson I agree with. If I believe in the power of LOVE, then I welcome the fact, the heart wants what the heart wants and I don’t believe it wants the seeds of resentment, anguish, misery, and especially hatred. The one message I truly believe that is conveyed from any religion of choice is LOVE.

The Heart Believes

Let the Magic Begin

Years come, and they go, but the memories they generate can have a lasting effect. When I was young I truly believed in the spiritual magic of the Holidays. My birthday is six days before Christmas and usually landed on the last day of school before Christmas break or on the weekend when all my friends and family could attend my party. It was the start of a warm feeling that seemed to grow. My grandmother would travel to be with us on my birthday and stay through till Christmas, and sometimes New Year’s. My favorite cake became the homemade, delightfully delicious red velvet cake that my mother made from the recipe passed down from my grandmother. In the kitchen, a baking aroma for that week would fill the house with sweets, breads, and a variety of scrumptious goodies for the Christmas Eve Swedish Smorgasbord. The twinkling of Christmas lights, the sparkling ornaments of silver and gold, and well known colors of red and green became my birthday decorations. It became a week of so much joy to be surrounded by family and friends.

As I grew, leaving home for college, I faced the various struggles and stumbles of life, but that one week in December, seemed to make a difference and remind me never to give up on hope. I treasure those memories and especially the feeling within my heart. There is still a spiritual magic today, and I still cherish the moment when it warms my heart and enlightens the experience of the Holiday season. I may have moved away from home and years have passed as I traveled on my journey of life, but that spiritual magic has never left.

This year, turning a half century, I still woke up with that excitement, that feeling of anticipation and took in the glow that the Christmas decorations offer and received the love that family and friends can offer. What I discovered this year, that unexplained, cannot touch, spiritual magic is still here even as an adult.

At times, I listen to other adults share their memories and sometime state how things were different when they were a child, but they don’t feel or believe in the unexplained Christmas magic today. It’s not for the child only; it is for anyone with an open heart, willingness to be a part of that season which God gave the ultimate gift. A gift that I cannot touch, I cannot concretely see, but believing…I can feel in my heart, I can observe on the faces of others, I can share with others, and it seems to grow the more I allow myself to participate beyond the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to all and May the Spiritual Magic of the season be in your heart!

Believing Gives Strength to Creativity

Morning Reflections

With each sunrise I observe, it always gives me the peaceful reassurance that new opportunities are on the rise.  There are times, I have had a new adventure that came knocking on the door, and other times, I have had to use my creative imagination to develop and unlock the door to optimistic opportunities.  The key has been with me, never to give up on hope.  To believe and absorb the wonder of the artistic splendor that is shown as a new day begins.

Each day brings on new challenges, new definitions to experiences, and new adventures to explore.  I have my days when things seem scattered like an unfinished puzzle, and moments when a piece seems to be missing, but stepping back to appreciate the newness of a sunrise gives hope that I will creatively find that piece as the sun begins to glow and completes the picture I set out to dream.

Journey to Living

Opportunities develop out of storms,
To cope, to struggle, makes new skills,
Treasures gained, the trust of a friend,
Faith, hope, and love are strengthened,
A better me in the development.
The storms of life may seem tough,
Pressures to restore may seem scary,
Feeling… too tired to make the climb,
Faith, hope, and love are strengthened,
A better me in the development.
Experiences, confirmation to living,
Some troublesome with a lesson,
Some pleasant with a gift to treasure,
Believing in the passion of dreams,
A better me in the development.
The heart has known hurt,
The body has known failure,
The mind has known forgetfulness,
The soul has known loneliness,
Yet, I develop into a better me.
God’s touch has been soft,
God’s reach has been comforting,
God’s hand has been strong,
God’s grace has been lifting,
God develops me into a better me.
Laughter has given strength,
Crying has drained the weakness,
Each day has been a journey,
Each moment of reconstruction,
Developing me into a better me.
I absorb and map the circumstances,
Calmly rejoice for who I am today.
I will witness results of my creativity,
Empowering me to move forward,
Developing me into a better me.


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Journey of Love

A Journey

Wherever I travel, I always run into people who express that one wish on their journey and that longing is for the experience of love.  The inner desire to socialize, associate, and experience companionship that is uplifting, inspiring and elevates the spirit to find meaning and value to existing each day.  That emotion may put a smile on one’s face and bring color into perceptive of what might have been viewed in black and white.  Love can be that emotion which may bring warmth and melt those bitter feelings of loneliness and despair.  Love has been said to influence one forward towards a passionate attachment to growth, maturity and enlightenment.

Love may be a word that sounds so easy and sometimes over used, but the act of love can have profound strength that can spread tenderness, pleasure, and devotion between individuals and groups.  Love is an act that does not come effortlessly easy; it requires willingness and a course of action of consenting permission from the heart.  It is an act that requires exerting energy and effort.  If given the opportunity, love can defuse hatred; it may bring on agreement which encourages acceptance of different points of view.  It can convey appreciation of the gifts others may provide.

When I read an article or book that strongly expresses an act of love that touches my heart; I too, want that experience and may attempt to search for it.  That which is good and feeds my spiritual need for hope to cross the bridges of uncertainty that may surround me at times.

As I walk along in my journey, sometimes, I get a sneak preview of my life coming together like a jigsaw puzzle, and it seems like it is the little moments within uncertain turns in time between a stranger, a friend, a family member or even a pet that can add up to several chapters within my lifetime that I may not fully be able to see or finish reading now, but once the journey is complete, reflecting on years of experiences, the novel of love that I thought I needed to search for has been lived each day.

Daily Performance

Uncertainty may lead the way,

Along a path that seems disarray,

Jumbled quest, muddled I may say,

To an ending unfinished as of this day,

Each moment is like a bowl of clay,

To mold, shape and plan I will pray,

Certainty, my stage of dreams will play!


Battle from within

He Speaks to the Heart

Go with, Grow with, Give with, that part which I do not understand…I Fight with, my Heart.

The heart of the matter, the center of reality, the voice that encourages the consciousness, which wants to experience, to hold, to encounter that which gives inspiration beyond the idea of just existing.  I do not fully understand or comprehend this internal capability or strength in which I possess, so I allow the fearful misunderstanding, the confusion of no clarity draw me into battle with my heart.  I become lost in the fog of chaos, unsure of the path I started and forgetful of that which I once desired.  Bewildered in the environment I have created I give into the irrational behavior of panic like a victim in the water who seeks rescue, forgets to relax and float but struggles against his last breath and drowns.  The heart communicates once more, startles me in this controversy from within, no need to place blame on others, just listen.  The words to flow with my desires and grow with my natural abilities, give with my full capacity, which I may not understand, and I will find in my performance that I can achieve a dream.  To be creative, to express with imagination, to share with others that which my heart desires will give meaning, stimulation to go beyond existing, to live with purpose!

My Creative Opinion

The Journey

There is a celebration to some, and there is sadness to others.  I have had the opportunity to read comments and watch TV, and I too have my opinion.  Each day can bring to some, news they want to celebrate, and that same news can produce conflict or sorrow to another.  I have come to see that it is a balance, both good and bad, joy and sadness, conflict and peace.  I had been told even when I was a child; you have to experience both to appreciate the better.

No matter what the experience, it adds growth to the journey.  There can be challenges to one’s strengths and beliefs. At times, the journey can be of mystery, the unforeseen future, a surprise party in the making, so-to-speak, and then, there are times when it can be predictable.  There can be times, when the question has been asked, “Why?” and other times when the words of gratitude have been expressed.  There are times when the experience has been shared, and other times, it has been the choice to ignore.  There are times, during my journey, when I am there physically, but not in spirit, so I have missed the complete experience.

I have experienced occurrences, spoken at folks and been present in situations physically, but not in the spirit.  I have attended events and yet not been an active participant.  I have talked at someone and not given them the respect for their opinion, which has led, to an argument.  I truly believe that when I talk with someone, I can respectfully give them the attention and acknowledgment they deserve even if I disagree, and then it is the act of talking with them.

Have you ever been somewhere, but wished you were someplace else?  Have you ever been with someone and wished you were with another?  Have you ever talked at someone and not with them?  I know I have been in that situation.

Technology has been able to create many things, but not the spirit within a human being that gives life.  That abstract concept, unable to see, cannot put your finger on, which some call heart, mind, drive, soul and I call spirit.  I give credit to a power greater than me for the development and breathing life into my spirit.  During the journey, I have grown and rely on that higher power, God, to give meaning to my spirit.

I believe when I strive to do something that is just, productive, and can be shared with others, my spirit will be actively involved with me physically during those situations.  My spirit finds meaning on my journey.  I truly believe that the spirit within was created to be shared.  Shared in friendships, powered by love, and will offer sacrifice, and when shared, that spirit grows and brings meaning to living.

I have witnessed one take full credit or greed for the attention and glory, which the ego can take control and make a person’s spirit become hidden from sight and not present, and seem lonely and destructive in their journey.   When the spirit is withheld and not shared, I have seen the ego take control and the physical body cries out to control, manipulate, and even hurt in that search for meaning.   I have seen individuals with so much to give and by choice withhold.   They have looked sad, angry, and miserable, and seem to push those near away.

I do not claim to have any answers, but I will strive to respect what was believed to be just, productive and could be shared with others for the better of humankind with all the opinions, including mine.  I also believe, it is not for me to judge another person’s spirit, only that privilege is given to the creator himself.

Creatively Share to Learn

“I learn by going where I have to go.”
Theodore Roethke

Coming Together

It was once said by another author that we emerge into competent writers as we learn from reading from other accomplished writers.
We develop our own recipe of writing by adding our personality, imagination and style to a story, but we learn to progress, improve, and share by being an active participant in reading from other authors. Today, I will share about one author, and would like for others to comment and share about their favorite authors, then today’s blog will become a resource for all.

The Waking

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I have to go.

We think by feeling. What is there to know?
I hear my being dance from ear to ear.
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.

Of those so close beside me, which are you?
God bless the Ground! I shall walk softly there,
And learn by going where I have to go.

Light takes the Tree; but who can tell us how?
The lowly worm climbs up a winding stair;
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.

Great Nature has another thing to do
To you and me; so take the lively air,
And, lovely, learn by going where to go.

This shaking keeps me steady. I should know.
What falls away is always. And is near.
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I learn by going where I have to go.

About Theodore Roethke
Theodore Roethke, the American poet known for his imagery of nature and of the human body, took ten years to write Open House, his first book of poems. He was born in 1908 in Michigan. He dropped out of law school to pursue writing. His poems ranged from clever, controlled stanzas to confessional free verse. He suffered from depression but claimed it allowed him to “reach a new level of reality,” delving deep into his psyche to write. His book The Waking won the 1954 Pulitzer Prize. He died in 1963.

Creative Journey

Colorful Journey

No matter what your interest, being creative about it can produce a positive influence. I know when I think more positive about what I’m doing, I think more confident about me, which in turn helps to develop me into a better person. On that journey through life, I face challenges and run into those moments when the negative wants to cover me like a blanket in the night, but when I wake I have to make the decision and accept the responsibility to find those positive thoughts. I like to keep within reach my crafts, camera, scrapbook, and story I’m writing to give me hope.

I will share a part of my journey with you. I faced those dark words six years ago of hearing the diagnosis of cancer. I had to hold onto positive thoughts, faith, and hope that I would get through, and it would become a blessing. Oh, there were a lot of negative blankets that wanted to invite themselves into my house and wrap me up in grief and doom. It was not an easy journey, but I became inspired with a journal and wrote my first children’s story by stepping into the life of my cat. Becoming more creative offered a positive change and I am a breast cancer survivor.

Today, I continue to strive to develop a positive perception and interpretation to my journey by being creative each day as I live. I enjoy getting out and hiking, taking pictures, being with family and friends, and of course writing. It’s appropriate to be thankful, and I am to family and friends, pets, and a power to be greater than I, God!

A creative miracle

Creative Beginning
The tender warmth of a sunrise,
Removes the chilliness of the night,
Behold today, a creative miracle.


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