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The Heart Believes

Let the Magic Begin

Years come, and they go, but the memories they generate can have a lasting effect. When I was young I truly believed in the spiritual magic of the Holidays. My birthday is six days before Christmas and usually landed on the last day of school before Christmas break or on the weekend when all my friends and family could attend my party. It was the start of a warm feeling that seemed to grow. My grandmother would travel to be with us on my birthday and stay through till Christmas, and sometimes New Year’s. My favorite cake became the homemade, delightfully delicious red velvet cake that my mother made from the recipe passed down from my grandmother. In the kitchen, a baking aroma for that week would fill the house with sweets, breads, and a variety of scrumptious goodies for the Christmas Eve Swedish Smorgasbord. The twinkling of Christmas lights, the sparkling ornaments of silver and gold, and well known colors of red and green became my birthday decorations. It became a week of so much joy to be surrounded by family and friends.

As I grew, leaving home for college, I faced the various struggles and stumbles of life, but that one week in December, seemed to make a difference and remind me never to give up on hope. I treasure those memories and especially the feeling within my heart. There is still a spiritual magic today, and I still cherish the moment when it warms my heart and enlightens the experience of the Holiday season. I may have moved away from home and years have passed as I traveled on my journey of life, but that spiritual magic has never left.

This year, turning a half century, I still woke up with that excitement, that feeling of anticipation and took in the glow that the Christmas decorations offer and received the love that family and friends can offer. What I discovered this year, that unexplained, cannot touch, spiritual magic is still here even as an adult.

At times, I listen to other adults share their memories and sometime state how things were different when they were a child, but they don’t feel or believe in the unexplained Christmas magic today. It’s not for the child only; it is for anyone with an open heart, willingness to be a part of that season which God gave the ultimate gift. A gift that I cannot touch, I cannot concretely see, but believing…I can feel in my heart, I can observe on the faces of others, I can share with others, and it seems to grow the more I allow myself to participate beyond the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to all and May the Spiritual Magic of the season be in your heart!


Creative Connections


Over the years, I have witnessed the progress and growth in our technology, the creativeness in the development of science, inventions, and methods that have influenced society and how we communicate.  I have utilized those developments to communicate, but most of all, to reconnect with others.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to be able to communicate with family and friends.  Friends that I have allowed those years to pass since we last talked.  To locate someone, someone I thought a lot about during school years, but had not heard from in 30 plus years. Those years that I have concentrated on jobs, children, and struggling to find my way on my journey and forgot to share the experience with others.   It has allowed me to be informed of their experiences, news in the making, so to speak, and share at that very moment with comments and pictures.

As I watch the generation of my grandchildren, I ponder on a question, will they understand the concept of reconnection?  Today, they are connected from the time they are awake and even when they sleep, they wake up to messages that keep their status updated.  Will they truly understand the feeling or notion of missing someone?  Having that experience of mystery, anguish of anticipation, wondering if a letter will arrive or the phone will ring?  Will they still have that intimate, personal connection that once a letter could offer that was saved for years?  A letter that turned yellow with age and the writing has faded, but the words were memorized in the heart.  The joy of a reunion, anticipation of finding out, the excitement of reconnection with someone you have not heard from in years.

Well, I may not be around to see the full circle, but right now I will say, I am enjoying the creativeness our technology has offered.  I just hope the generations of my grandchildren do not take it for granted, but consider the privilege as a gift to build upon, positive concepts to build upon that will make things better.  That the messages of hope, faith and love are shared more, and an entity of togetherness be joined to conquer the struggles of yesteryear, and make today and tomorrow a better environment for their grandchildren.

Summer Desires

Quench the Thirst

These months that I call summer seem to go by too fast.  The heat may slow me down where I’m sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair, sipping cold ice tea, and watching the children play in the water sprinkler seem lazy, but time still seems to get away from me.  No matter how fast I move to get things done or relax to enjoy the moment, time continues to tick on by.

I know when I plan my vacation, I will mark the calendar and tell others I just cannot wait to visit the beach or mountain, but most of all; it is the anticipation of wanting to spent time with the family or friends.  I get excited as I plan activities, outings, and dining menus.  Some preparations of getting the vehicle ready, laundry and packing, and other chores seem to take energy I truly don’t want to waste, but once there to relax in the conversations and laughter, it all seems worth it.  The energy to leave, I especially do not want to use and always wish that vacation could last a little bit longer.

I think about one of the latest release movies and the interest of finding the “Fountain of Youth,” but to me, I would prefer the magic to slow time down, but continue forward.  I have enjoyed growing older, and the opportunities I have experienced; I would just like to have more seconds in a minute, and more minutes in an hour, to make more hours in a day.

When I was young, I looked forward to coming home, so I could share with friends the excitement I had and show the photos I took.  Now that, I am older, home has a different meaning when extended family live out of state, children live in another town, and close friends have moved to new locations, so vacations, family and friends coming together is what I look forward to, so I can share the experiences I have encountered over the year and show the photos I have taken.

This summer is another moment in time, full of plans and excitement to be with family and friends and as I scrapbook each vacation, Holiday, birthday, and other significant events, I realize as time keeps ticking, I have done quite a bit with my life even if I have moved fast to get things done or just sat back to relax.


Each minute is a moment,

Each moment is time spent,

Creating an experience,

Crafting a talent into skill,

Sharing to improve the quality,

Collecting the various treasures,

That family and friends provide.


My Family, My Inspiration

Coastal Dreams

Family, that social unit I have either grown up with, grown to love, and grown to depend on can be the best resource around for ideas to be creative.  Family, that collection of folks, some blood related, some inherited from marriage and others it’s the love that adopts them into the family.  Family, that group or community, in which, I identify with by name, relationship, history or title.  Family, that group that comes together with common traits, support, encouragement and an enriching environment that enables and allows expressions of laughter, displeasure, joy, grief, enchantment, annoyance, and affection.

Some of us never leave that family unit after we are born into the assemblage of persons.  Others find they have lost their place within the family unit, and their expedition becomes in search of, a quest for acceptance, a balance, a new family.  A quest of belonging, to have an identity, search to examine and inquire about the need for a social unit, and fight against the power called loneliness.

Loneliness, that heartache that can trap the growth of creativity, which can conjure pain, mourning and desolation that can keep a person separated from others as if quarantined to suffer.  Loneliness can confine the spirit, place limitations on the possibilities, and hinder the pursuit in finding that common trait to connect and experience companionship.

To engage or relate to others, I have observed, comes from within, a desire, skill, and drive that was given as a blessing at birth.  That internal disposition has the power to fight the battle and confront those feelings of isolation.  It’s a power that cannot be seen or touched or even enhanced by external substances, it is from within and must be trusted.  It never dies, never leaves, only hidden by blindness and controversy within the heart when the path chosen becomes undesirable and lost on a debatable map.

Some look to books, internet, or persons of authority for answers, which enlightens the knowledge to make better choices and others believe that outside substances ease the pain and become content to remain pain free but frozen in time.  I truly believe that the skills, talents, and abilities were given at birth, knowing the battles would come and attempt to be obstacles to growth and one must learn to trust, protect and love their self first and the joys to correspond, communicate, and connect on that emotional level that forms families will materialize.  Family, that social unit of love, encouragement, support and hope that can stimulate growth to acquire knowledge, to expand the talents, enhance faith, and teach to give of oneself that can offer endless possibilities to dream, create, share and continue on life’s journey.

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  ~Albert Einstein

Created to Belong

It takes togetherness to sail a boat,

When alone I may only float,

On the waters that are calm,

Strong currents, not for long,

I need someone, a helping hand,

Support, direction to stable land,

Memorable stories I want to share,

Giving of talents and skills I bare,

To my family, with love, I am bound,

 Blessed and grateful, I will not drown.


Creativity with a Cat!


Dialogue with My Cat after the weekend.

Cat: It’s time to pay me some attention now that everyone has left.

Me: I have things to do. I have to get the dishes washed, laundry, and I just want to relax.

Cat: (Jumping from the floor to my lap) I’m not asking, I’m demanding some attention!

Me: Come on! At least let me finish my morning coffee. (Pause) Did you enjoy seeing everyone? (Smiling, looking at the cat and petting him.) I enjoyed seeing my Dad and spending time with my daughter and granddaughter.

Cat: Hmm…Do you want the truth?

Me: Time to jump down so I can finish things around here. I really want the opportunity to write some today.

Cat: I belong in your lap and not that computer.

Me: Now, now…let’s not have an attitude.

Cat: I was once a God in Egypt and killing a cat in Egypt was punishable by death. Why would I want to give up that status?

Me: One that was around 3000 BC and second, we are not in Egypt.

Cat: Sounds like that’s your problem and not mine! Now pet me!

Me: Ok…I’ll give you this moment.

Cat: Feel privileged that you have this spiritual moment, to say you have been with the Gods!

Creativity offers Humor to Life!


Some say NASCAR is a form of Religion,
Some say it’s a gathering of Rednecks,
I say NASCAR is an insight,
A gathering of family, that cheer,
Put aside their worries for enjoyment,
One weekend, one season and I say each day.

Race day has been every day,
Family has raced to my side,
Fixed my engine when I’ve blown,
Replaced my tires for the ride,
Fueled my dreams to follow and achieve,
Cheered me on when I have been a lap behind.

Family has been my roar to keep my engine running,
Has been my sponsor to stay in the game,
Has been my green flag to go for the that extra mile,
Been my pit stop of support to keep trying,
All the points of racing, all I need is family,
They’re my checker flag of strength and love!


Go Jimmy Johnson!

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