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Creative Nouns in the Journey

A Walk of Memories

The gentle breeze blowing my hair, the sun’s reflecting sparkles on the water, and the sand between my toes was refreshing to my imagination, thoughts, and my memories came to life. As I walked the beach and watched other children come to life on the beach, it reminded me of my childhood laughs and adventures. I was contemplating on editing one of my stories and thinking about sentence structure. Then the use and value of nouns came to mind. I have to laugh with some of the memories that surface. I drifted off to when I was young and looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons. I enjoyed the Schoolhouse Rock breaks between cartoons with songs related to History, Government, Math and English. I could hear the song again on Nouns.

“Well every person you can know,
And every place that you can go,
And anything that you can show,
You know they’re nouns.

A noun’s a special kind of word,
It’s any name you ever heard,
I find it quite interesting,
A noun’s a person, place, or thing.”

Nouns, that person, place or thing are essential to the sentence structure and to life. I know I come to life with nouns, spending a moment with a friend. I enjoy visiting various places, like the beach this week. One of the things I enjoy using is my camera to capture that sunset I’m watching. I appreciate those moments with those persons I know, and learning from the places I go, and creating with the things I show. Nouns that I like can become an inspiration to positive thoughts and dreams. Then I complete a sentence with verbs. Acting on those thoughts and dreams and turning them into reality. Those action words can add living into my life and become a blessing to whatever captures my interest. As I write, I use nouns and verbs to add form to my experiences and plans that encourage me to strive for more in my creative journey to living.

Soar High
Creating With Nouns

Noting those Special Persons,

On an adventure of Places,

Upholding interest in Things,

Never-ending Possibilities,

Soar High with Imagination!


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