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Creativity can be Uplifting

The creativity of technology has given the gift and/or capability that enables us to be informed of what is going on across the world and next door. Sometimes it shares reliable information we enjoy sharing with family and friends and other times it brings us together, but with tears. Today we are facing tragedy within the world as we watch the unfolding of circumstances involving the Earthquakes and Tsunamis. I send my prayers as so many others are doing. I cannot fully say I know or understand what others are going through at this time, but I reach out with compassion and a heart that cares and prays. I know we face the rebuilding and may these incidents of disasters result with creative events of folks coming together to encourage and support one another.


Stimulating Expression

When we seek to be creative…
Seek to imagine the possibilities,
Seek to improve originality today,
We become more open to ideas,
We experience more with the heart,
We radiate our inspiration to others.

Creativity is more than words,
It is the ideas that reach out,
The plans and hopes to build,
The togetherness- pat on the back,
When encouragement is needed,
It is the hug that inspires more,
Lifting spirits to resolve issues,
It is what gives meaning to living. ~


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