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Battle from within

He Speaks to the Heart

Go with, Grow with, Give with, that part which I do not understand…I Fight with, my Heart.

The heart of the matter, the center of reality, the voice that encourages the consciousness, which wants to experience, to hold, to encounter that which gives inspiration beyond the idea of just existing.  I do not fully understand or comprehend this internal capability or strength in which I possess, so I allow the fearful misunderstanding, the confusion of no clarity draw me into battle with my heart.  I become lost in the fog of chaos, unsure of the path I started and forgetful of that which I once desired.  Bewildered in the environment I have created I give into the irrational behavior of panic like a victim in the water who seeks rescue, forgets to relax and float but struggles against his last breath and drowns.  The heart communicates once more, startles me in this controversy from within, no need to place blame on others, just listen.  The words to flow with my desires and grow with my natural abilities, give with my full capacity, which I may not understand, and I will find in my performance that I can achieve a dream.  To be creative, to express with imagination, to share with others that which my heart desires will give meaning, stimulation to go beyond existing, to live with purpose!

Encouraging Creativity


Encouragement is a powerful act that can motivate the best from someone. To give those praises in words, claps, hugs or eye contact can spread with positive affects to improve on a talent. Encouragement is to inspire, to stimulate confidence by an act of approval and promote the progress of growth from the gift of sharing a positive spirit. Sharing that invigorating spirit can be so energizing and it is a sensational feeling when I am encouraged to do my best. It is just as rewarding to provide encouragement and see the glow, the refreshing smile, and the sparkle in one’s eye.

When a child receives praise for a job well done, the child wants to do it again. It is the same for teens and adults, when given the encouragement; they strive to succeed at school, sports, jobs and their dreams.

I truly hope that as my children grow and I offer guidance to my grandchildren, that I will give them the inspiration to do their best, follow their dreams, and progress with knowledge that they will find peace in their talents.

It is incredible what power I and each individual holds to strengthen another individual’s dreams by just offering encouragement!
To hear those words that promote:

You can do it!
You have a remarkable talent!
You did a phenomenal job!
I am here for you!
I admire your work!
I am so moved!
I am so proud!
Job well done!

Those words assist with the growth of confidence. The confidence to grow and dream!

Wake up to Create!

Morning Delight

Some mornings, especially Mondays can be a struggle to get up and get motivated. I actually don’t have to use an alarm clock due to the fact I have a cat that expects me up the same time every day. We don’t always agree, but he’s still lovable. I have been told it’s reasonable to talk to yourself as long as you don’t answer yourself, laughing! There are some mornings I have to give myself a lively talk of motivation. I think there is a part that talks back with some negative suggestions to crawl back in bed, to pull the covers over my head, and to ignore my “to do list”. I have to laugh and tune out those thoughts. Today is not one of those mornings even if it is Monday. This morning I am up and ready! I will be away from my computer for a few days. Hopefully, I will have some new photo shots to share. It’s time for me to get creative with the camera and see new sunrises and sunsets. I truly wish everyone the best and the best at being creative.

Coffee Please!

Oh Coffee, How my cup loves thee,
Hot, no sugar but a touch of cream,
I depend on you to wake up please,
Hopefully morning sunshine I’ll see.

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