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Creative Journey

Colorful Journey

No matter what your interest, being creative about it can produce a positive influence. I know when I think more positive about what I’m doing, I think more confident about me, which in turn helps to develop me into a better person. On that journey through life, I face challenges and run into those moments when the negative wants to cover me like a blanket in the night, but when I wake I have to make the decision and accept the responsibility to find those positive thoughts. I like to keep within reach my crafts, camera, scrapbook, and story I’m writing to give me hope.

I will share a part of my journey with you. I faced those dark words six years ago of hearing the diagnosis of cancer. I had to hold onto positive thoughts, faith, and hope that I would get through, and it would become a blessing. Oh, there were a lot of negative blankets that wanted to invite themselves into my house and wrap me up in grief and doom. It was not an easy journey, but I became inspired with a journal and wrote my first children’s story by stepping into the life of my cat. Becoming more creative offered a positive change and I am a breast cancer survivor.

Today, I continue to strive to develop a positive perception and interpretation to my journey by being creative each day as I live. I enjoy getting out and hiking, taking pictures, being with family and friends, and of course writing. It’s appropriate to be thankful, and I am to family and friends, pets, and a power to be greater than I, God!

A creative miracle

Creative Beginning
The tender warmth of a sunrise,
Removes the chilliness of the night,
Behold today, a creative miracle.


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