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Creativity with a Cat!


Dialogue with My Cat after the weekend.

Cat: It’s time to pay me some attention now that everyone has left.

Me: I have things to do. I have to get the dishes washed, laundry, and I just want to relax.

Cat: (Jumping from the floor to my lap) I’m not asking, I’m demanding some attention!

Me: Come on! At least let me finish my morning coffee. (Pause) Did you enjoy seeing everyone? (Smiling, looking at the cat and petting him.) I enjoyed seeing my Dad and spending time with my daughter and granddaughter.

Cat: Hmm…Do you want the truth?

Me: Time to jump down so I can finish things around here. I really want the opportunity to write some today.

Cat: I belong in your lap and not that computer.

Me: Now, now…let’s not have an attitude.

Cat: I was once a God in Egypt and killing a cat in Egypt was punishable by death. Why would I want to give up that status?

Me: One that was around 3000 BC and second, we are not in Egypt.

Cat: Sounds like that’s your problem and not mine! Now pet me!

Me: Ok…I’ll give you this moment.

Cat: Feel privileged that you have this spiritual moment, to say you have been with the Gods!

Creativity Opens the Mind and Heart!

Dialogue with My Cat

Cat: It’s time to pay me some attention and not the computer.

Me: I’m writing right now, but I haven’t forgotten you.

Cat: (Jumping from the floor to my lap) I’m not asking, I’m demanding some attention!

Me: Come on!  I’ll be finished in a few minute. (Pause) Since you’re up in my lap, can you read what I have written and tell me what you think.

Cat: Hmm…So many words (leaning closer to the computer screen) sounds fine to me. So…You are really enjoying yourself with writing?

Me: I enjoy attempting to write, but there are times I just can’t get the words out the way I picture it in my mind.

Cat: Close your eyes at times and really see the details of your vision and then describe it as you see it.

Me: OK…but when I’m concentrating on writing, getting the vision, and describing on paper, then I forget what I’m doing when you come along and demand that I drop everything to pet and pay you attention.

Cat: That’s what that save icon is for…save the work…scratch me behind the ears and then reread and you’re back on track.

Me: But when I’m on a roll, I really don’t want to be disturbed.

Cat: You know when you talk and pet me, you feel more relaxed and loved which calms you to think better for your writing…pet me and love me and see if ideas don’t pop into your head!

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