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Sylvio’s Conclusion

Sylvio's Conclusion

Suzanne: You know, a cat has it so easy when it comes to love.

Cat’s thoughts: If you only knew what I had to give up in this household.

Valerie: (petting the cat in her lap) I know. They call the shots. They come when they want affection, walk away when they rather be alone, are fed, brushed, and I have to scoop up behind them.

Cat’s thoughts: Your baby brother pulls my tail, you give dry instead of can food, and you don’t understand anything I say; instead I have to listen to some demeanor of baby talk when some speak at me. Like that actually gives me a thrill. (Sarcastic look at the girls)

Suzanne: I wonder if cats fancy love any more than we beautiful young girls do? (Tilting the head with a flirtatious smile). I mean, true love…can love be compelling and powerful? Is it full of magic, charm, and passion? Does your heart truly flutter and your palms sweat?

Valerie: My mom’s tells me that those emotions are crushes, just a physical attraction at the moment. All I know is that I have never met or felt like the quote that hangs behind you.

Suzanne: What quote? Oh, that one that says:

  • Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

Cat’s thoughts: You have never experienced that kind of love because, at your age, hormones are raging with lust and passion that have taken control of your mind and body. You all haven’t gotten pass the giggle stage.

Valerie: I enjoy reading that quote, but right now I will admit I don’t quite fully understand that definition of love.

Suzanne: Me too, but I will say, that the new boy at school is…well, has me looking so to speak. (Girls laughing). It would be gratifying to meet someone that is kind and patient and that made me want to be a better person that is friendlier, confident, fully trusts to believe in others and has hope for the best will happen. That would be romantic!

Cat’s thoughts: Get a dog!

Sylvio’s Creative Thoughts

Sylvio's Thoughts

Cat:  Don’t you think it is time to feed me?

Me:  You have dry food.

Cat:  Excuse me, can food, please!

Me:  You will be fed in the afternoon and it is not even lunch time.

Cat:  Let me explain, the bowl is empty.

Me:  I’m busy right now and it’s not time.

Cat:  So, what are you writing now?

Me:  Various ideas.

Cat:  I should be the main character this time.

Me:  Ok…I hear you.

Cat: You hear but you are not listening…like you don’t hear that my bowl is empty!

Sylvio is right about one thing.  I have had those moments that I hear someone talking, but not attentive to listening to what they are actually saying.  I might be busy, and my attention might be focused on what I am doing.  Sometimes, when I attempt to multitask, listening might be sacrificed.  There are times when my mind is just preoccupied with upcoming events, but whatever the reason, I know I can seem distant and even rude.

I have been on the other side, and I will admit the feeling that I was not respected, or be pushed aside because some did not have time to listen to me, I do not like.  I have even been accused of arguing when I attempt to express something, so the conversation will come to an end.  I have walked away and felt unimportant, unappreciated, and even unloved.

I don’t know about you, but I know I can get so involved with a task and ignore those around me.   Turn on the music and sit at the computer writing.  Run out to capture photos in the morning or evening lighting.  Find an intriguing book to read and tune out the outside world.  Start a household project and just forget that others are around.   I realize that if I did not like how I felt when some did not have time to listen, then I am doing the same to others.  I don’t want to do that.  So, even when I strive to take pride for what I am doing, I also need to use that passion for the relationships that surround me.  Folks used a term, “know your P’s & Q’s” when I was young.  There are some “P’s” I can use.  I need to be “P”- patient with my family and hit the ”P”- pause button at times when they have the same passion to share and communicate.  “P”- practice what I have taught to the children and demonstrate to others how I want to be treated.  And, like I said earlier, I need to have “P” passion for those around; they are part of my life and share in the journey.

Me:  Now for you Sylvio, it is just not time for the can cat food.

Cat:  Are you practicing what you just said?

Me:  Yes, I am practicing the passion of being patient with you.  So, let us both pause and accept, you will get fed this afternoon and right now, you have dry food and fresh water.

Cat:  You are right.  I am being patient with you.  I will pause for a passionate nap.  Something I have practiced well.

Cat’s Opinion on Writing.


Cat: Back at the computer.
Me: Yes, so let me get some writing in.
Cat: Head up, sit up tall, you know the posture law.
Me: Ok…I filled your cat bowl.
Cat: Thanks, but I am interested in what you’re writing. (Jumping into my lap)
Me: Excuse you!
Cat: (Paws on desk, leaning closer towards the monitor) Oh, you had to include Rev. Bosco in your story?
Me: It will be a child’s/Youth Christmas story.
Cat: You think you know cats so well; you could have made it more intriguing with me. I was named after a character from the Sopranos’.
Me: Not for middle-school age.
Cat: So, how are you coming along?
Me: Still learning with getting my introduction the way I want it.
Cat: Read me a sample.
Me: So, you will be my critic?
Cat: More or less.
Me: (Looking at cat then back to monitor) I’ll read a short sample of the story.

     Today with all the exciting Christmas preparation, Amber did not pay attention to the front door not catching when she had let some folks in to visit. My curiosity was getting the best of me when I realized I could pull the door open with my paw. I just wanted to take a glimpse of the outside. I thought, just a few steps onto the porch and I’ll come right back in. As I was venturing outside, I don’t think anyone noticed me, including Amber. The cold air was actually refreshing from the heated kitchen of baking. I thought and said aloud, “This isn’t too bad; I’ll just walk to the steps and then return.” Standing on the top step looking out towards the yard, I took in the view while the slight breeze felt refreshing ruffling my fur. I decided to venture down the steps. A short stroll around the yard would be reasonable I thought.
     “Grr…Woof, Woof,” from the neighbor’s dog. His keen eyesight noticed me and he began barking.
     Jumping with fear and I could see that he was running towards my yard. I was sure he would catch me if I didn’t run. Becoming frightened, I lost my sense of direction and forgot which way to run towards the front door. Before I knew it, I had been dashing in the opposite direction of the dog and across the street and out of sight from Amber and the house. I could hear other dogs joining in with their barking. I didn’t look back in fear, I didn’t know if the other dogs were chasing me. My little legs just ran and ran. I wasn’t watching where I was heading; I just ran with fear.
     Every noise I heard seemed to startle me; traffic noises, dogs barking, and unfamiliar voices seemed mingle into one gigantic boom ringing in my ears. I could not concentrate on listening for Amber’s voice if she were calling my name. I just ran, jumped, and ran. I was glancing around for my way back to the house, and each house was beginning to look-alike with their lit windows and decorative Christmas lights. Even the dogs barking from various directions seemed to sound the same. I wanted now to find a place to hide. There seemed to be no safe place.

Cat: Well…Go on. I want to know more.
Me: I said just a bit. You’ll have to wait.
Cat: I want to know what happen. It’s about Shelly, isn’t it?
Me: Yes.
Cat: When are you going to write my ideas for a story? I want it for adults…more action packed.
Me: Ok…enough. Let me finish some on the story, and then you can have some lap time of me petting you.
Cat: Thanks…Nap time now. (Jumping down)


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