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A Child’s First Birthday

It's My Birthday!

Today is a blessing. Each day is, but today is my granddaughter’s first birthday. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share in this past year. As I reflect on the day my daughter gave birth, came home with the bundle, and watched her development, I realize that a child can teach something as an adult we sometimes forget, unconditional love.

As an adult, we guide a child, so they may be safe. We teach a child, so they may have unlimited possibilities. We protect a child, so they may know secure boundaries to explore. We love a child so, they may teach us unconditional giving.

I would have to say, it is a blessing that I came into the world as an infant, innocent and willing to give unconditional love. I was able then to brush off anger, shake off the hurt and forgive so I could move on to play. I know I looked forward to being an adult, but my childhood was the foundation on which I have built my adulthood. The joys, lessons, and moments shared were the tools that guided me into that journey.

This past year, I have enjoyed the moments to be on the floor, making animal sounds, making funny faces, going to the park, and strolling along to take in the scenery. It has inspired me to exercise, take pictures, write and be more active and social. There is nothing wrong with wanting to play, create, and share. Some things that come natural to a child, the unconditional love, giving and forgiving, can be forgotten during adulthood. I remember hearing as I entered into adulthood, “It’s time to grow up and act your age,” and truly did not know what that meant. I know, the journey has required responsibilities, but what provides me with the ability to grow, to improve, and to create with imagination and find the strength to heal is remaining young at heart.

The laughter and smiles shared with a child is the best medicine that God could give us. There are moments a child can cry and get into everything, but it’s no different than an adult complaining or gossiping about business they should leave alone. So, when you hear someone say, “Grow up and act your age,” for me, I would rather cry, take a risk, and discover as I share laughter, smiles, and love than be so grown up that I cannot enjoy God’s gifts.

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