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Crew: Here to Help

There are so many ways to be creative, and I am amazed how one’s innovative ideas or projects can touch the lives of others. During the month, the month of October, I know many saw “Pink” and I have heard that some felt overwhelmed by the color. But I can say as a Breast Cancer Survivor, being told you have cancer can be even more compelling. I remember hearing the diagnosis, my mind racing to reflect on unfinished business, and the whys. I became scared of the unknown expectations of treatment, and the experience was blinding to other things going on around. It was as if I had become frozen in time while others went on living. I know there are many that continue to battle and hold on to the hope of one day saying those words, “I’m a survivor.” From my gratitude, fighting the battle, the color “Pink”, well, it has become one of my favorite colors. I have become appreciative to various opportunities to be creative, to be expressive, to give back and fight with prayer, hope, and fund raising to support others affected, encourage better treatment, a cure and even prevention. I so enjoyed the opportunity to participate as a crew member for the walkers of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this month. I observed the various staff or groups of crew members who worked the rest stops use creative themes to get the word out, inspire the walkers, and promote a positive message of awareness of Breast Cancer. It’s a disease, like so many, that affect not a person, but the family and community. Becoming more aware doesn’t mean that one becomes aware of cancer but aware of how to support, not only the various charities that help financially, but those affected by this cancer or any disease. The month of October, with all its pink, was to bring awareness on how to be able to communicate and assist them or their family in meeting their needs from the moment of being diagnosed, during the battle, and life as a survivor. It can be lonely, friends and family are saddened, unsure, and some stay away. I’m sure it is more of “a lack of how” to offer support and communicate that keeps them away, but to the one struggling and battling, it can be confusing and distressing. I can share, when someone took the time to call to check up on me, listened and allowed me to vent, provided a meal while I was going through treatment, or even expressed gladness to see me when I was out and about, that kind of support gave encouragement and strength. Positive emails, book suggestions, and cards were uplifting. So, when I see “Pink”, when someone gives financial support during these struggling economic times, so I can be a crew member or a walker for a foundation that supports Breast Cancer or even a hug from a family member or friend that seems glad I can participate…Well, then I’m proud that pink is getting the awareness out.


As Avon Walk for Breast Cancer states, I am IN IT TO END IT! I am in it to end a lack of support to those in need, I am in it to end others feeling overwhelmed and lonely, and I am in it until there is a cure or even prevention to this cancer and other diseases.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

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