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Escape from Creativity; Then, what’s left?

Respect the Creativity of Nature

There’s no bright sunlight today, just cloud cover, but the temperature is pleasant. It’s like any day; there is something I can find that’s uninspiring, an excuse to complain about, and to be miserable. Or, there is always something I can find that inspires me to move on. I have that choice!

Some choices are rewarding, and some we need to learn from as we grow.  During a conversation, someone discussed with me an issue of importance to them. The drug and alcohol abuse among many Americans, both young and old. During the conversation, this person mentioned that recovery can take place once someone has reached rock bottom. One must lose what they view as valuable, important, and needed to live on. They must accept that they have to take responsibility for their actions. They have to let go of the blame, in order to make a change. The question was raised, “What if someone is only centered on themselves? What they have achieved has become dispensable, and they have lost conscience of the importance of family members, friends, and even their values? What is their rock bottom?”

Some of those same questions can address many within this country as we all struggle to move on during this recovery time from our recession. To rebuild from an economy that headed for rock bottom. To let go of the blame we gained from a bruised self-esteem.  I have asked myself the same questions of what is essential, necessary, and indispensable to me as I too, struggle with unemployment in a rural area searching for employment. I have had to let go of the blame, the excuses, and take responsibility to move forward.  It’s my choice, it’s inspiring, and essential for me to grow and become a better person.

During President Obama’s State of the Union address, I read and listened to many comments both televised and on social networks, and will say in my opinion, we have lost our ability to uphold the dignity and respect for others and ourselves. No matter what my opinions or views are about philosophy, economics, political, or religious, I deserve respect for my achievements as a person, mother, wife, photographer, writer, and whatever I have striven to accomplish to better myself and fulfill my dreams and so do you and even the President.

In my opinion, some key points he laid out in his vision for America; that it will take hard work and responsibility from each, I fully support. Where each person does his/her fair share, and where each person is held accountable for his/her actions. That vision is exactly what President Kennedy asked during his Inaugural Address, “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Have we become a country of so many that run from responsibility, hide under alcohol and drug abuse, to expect handouts and others to correct the situation? Have we become a nation of complainers, which we will hide behind the First Amendment to voice our ignorance? Have we lost the ability to respect ourselves and others?

No matter what struggles I may face, I continue to respect that President Obama is the President, he has worked hard and achieved that title. I may or may not agree with all he has to say or his decisions, but as an American, I owe him my respect. I owe it to myself to offer respect to others with dignity.

I truly believe, getting back to the basic values to respect others, to work hard, and guard each man’s dignity is essential to our growth for America.

Dignity: bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation. Nobility or elevation of character; worthiness: dignity of sentiments. Elevated rank, office, station, etc. Relative standing; rank. A sign or token of respect:
Respect: esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability. Deference to a right, privilege, privileged position, or someone or something considered to have certain rights or privileges; proper acceptance or courtesy; acknowledgment

The Misty Fog

Mabry Mill

The misty fog can offer a welcoming surprise in the clearing. I know I feel like I’m in the fog, at times, with creative ideas. My thoughts become stumped while writing, and then it comes to me. Life has its moments when situations seem muddled, lacking answers and directions, and then with faith and hope, the fog lifts, and I’m able to see a path, a strategy that can lead me towards my dreams.

I have traveled early in the mornings, and late in the evenings when fog sets in, headlights just bouncing back from the fog, blinding me to see the following curve. I have to slow my speed down and keep my attention closer to the front area of my hood and edge of the road. Like my life, there are times I have to focus more on me, my surroundings and take my time before making some serious decisions.

But it’s those times coming out of the fog and what I am able to see. Like a picture, captured with surrounding fog, it gives it something unique, life becomes unique surrounded in the fog. I’ve noticed that when I’m hiking in the fog my other senses become more sensitive and aware, I hear more of nature and I notice more around me while feeling the gentleness of the mist. I know I appreciate those sunny, bright moments, but sometimes I don’t slow down enough to take in my surrounding. Yes, I enjoy seeing the blue of the sky, experiencing the warmth of the sun, and I am able to see further while driving, but traveling through the fog can become a unique experience that adds gratification, suspense, and reward.

A Change in the Scenery

Devoted to the challenge,
Striving for the best,
Aware of the improvements,
Changes are necessary.

Stumbles in the dark,
Puzzle pieces are missing,
Lack of light to see,
Frustration comes with change.

Acceptance of help,
Gasping hold of hope,
Believing in possibilities,
Change brings rewards.


Within, It Comes

The Light From Within

When the New Year rings in, I know I can come up with a list of creative changes. As the weeks pass and plans made for the following month, I sometimes forget that list.

I have learned with each new year that it’s not the actual list, but the pursuit within to build upon and better myself that makes each new year an experience to look forward to accepting.

It is not a new diet or exercise program. It is not the intention of quitting an unfavorable habit. It is the desire to become stronger and better than before. When reaching out to others, the more those basic goals seem to fall into place, and I become a better person. It’s taking responsibility for me and my actions. To support others, to love more, to devote myself to help; then that extraordinary magic that comes from joy and happiness seems to take control. I find myself to be succeeding in the simple goals, and finding hidden strength to overcome the discouraging and disappointing moments.

Devotion to Live

I dedicate myself,
To dance through the unexpected,
Smile into the light of the sunrise,
Grasp a dream that lifts my spirit,
Stand firm in faith that I can,
Follow the multicolored path of joy,
Flow in the whirling strong winds,
No doubt to endless possibilities.

I challenge myself,
To ride out the storms of discouragement,
To cheer Hope on to win over Disbelief,
To lean on the magical spirit in courage,
To listen beyond the deafness of uncertainty,
To count the blessings with each sunset,
Grow from the gifts of life’s experiences,
No doubt to endless possibilities.

I accept myself,
Clouds of vagueness,
Paths of insecurities,
There will be no hold.
Devotion and challenge,
Rainbows of promise,
Sunrise to sunset,
No doubt to endless possibilities.


New Year, Bright Beginnings

Last Sunset of 2011

Another new year to make decisions, view my opportunities, and find happiness within the various struggles and stumbles of life. I know I like the idea of new beginnings. I like that moment to pause and reflect and rethink my goals, so celebrating the New Year with friends offers that opportunity.

As I stood on the waterfront and watched the last sunset of the year of 2011, I will admit it was a beautiful sunset to observe and collect my thoughts. I realized that each year adds building blocks to move forward. I may have some years that I could dwell on the struggles, the troubles, and the regrets, but I have discovered it’s best to concentrate on the achievements, the strengths, and the successes I have made working through the difficult times. I am grateful that each year I become a better person surrounded by the love of family and friends. I have moments that made me laugh. I have experienced events that I will treasure. I continue to have the ability to dream. I have hope that situations work out for the best. I have faith that something bright will be heartwarming.

Many make resolutions and then eventually get frustrated that they couldn’t make the change. That is something I welcome…Change! It can be scary at times, frustrating that it may take me away from my comfort zone, but it always seems to bring something bright. To me, it’s like when I decided to paint the bedroom. It was frustrating to move the furniture and clean. It was scary financially of how much it cost for paint and new carpet. When the project was done, and I was able to rest for a day, walking into that new room, well I was satisfied, and it made me smile. It didn’t happen overnight, and it sure was work, but isn’t that what life is all about? Making the decision, planning the steps, accepting the work and looking forward to the reward of satisfaction and I will add, sharing the experience with those you love.

Yes, the economy has been down, unemployment has been an issue, but the joy I have received this past year with family and friends, the travels I have made, the dreams I have pursued, and the choice to focus on the good, has given me this past year sensational experiences to add to my journey of life. I welcome the New Year and look forward to 2012.

Year to Year
Minute by minute,
Day by day,
The choices I make,
The plans I create,
Give meaning I say,
To live life this way!

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