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Family, that social unit I have either grown up with, grown to love, and grown to depend on can be the best resource around for ideas to be creative.  Family, that collection of folks, some blood related, some inherited from marriage and others it’s the love that adopts them into the family.  Family, that group or community, in which, I identify with by name, relationship, history or title.  Family, that group that comes together with common traits, support, encouragement and an enriching environment that enables and allows expressions of laughter, displeasure, joy, grief, enchantment, annoyance, and affection.

Some of us never leave that family unit after we are born into the assemblage of persons.  Others find they have lost their place within the family unit, and their expedition becomes in search of, a quest for acceptance, a balance, a new family.  A quest of belonging, to have an identity, search to examine and inquire about the need for a social unit, and fight against the power called loneliness.

Loneliness, that heartache that can trap the growth of creativity, which can conjure pain, mourning and desolation that can keep a person separated from others as if quarantined to suffer.  Loneliness can confine the spirit, place limitations on the possibilities, and hinder the pursuit in finding that common trait to connect and experience companionship.

To engage or relate to others, I have observed, comes from within, a desire, skill, and drive that was given as a blessing at birth.  That internal disposition has the power to fight the battle and confront those feelings of isolation.  It’s a power that cannot be seen or touched or even enhanced by external substances, it is from within and must be trusted.  It never dies, never leaves, only hidden by blindness and controversy within the heart when the path chosen becomes undesirable and lost on a debatable map.

Some look to books, internet, or persons of authority for answers, which enlightens the knowledge to make better choices and others believe that outside substances ease the pain and become content to remain pain free but frozen in time.  I truly believe that the skills, talents, and abilities were given at birth, knowing the battles would come and attempt to be obstacles to growth and one must learn to trust, protect and love their self first and the joys to correspond, communicate, and connect on that emotional level that forms families will materialize.  Family, that social unit of love, encouragement, support and hope that can stimulate growth to acquire knowledge, to expand the talents, enhance faith, and teach to give of oneself that can offer endless possibilities to dream, create, share and continue on life’s journey.

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  ~Albert Einstein

Created to Belong

It takes togetherness to sail a boat,

When alone I may only float,

On the waters that are calm,

Strong currents, not for long,

I need someone, a helping hand,

Support, direction to stable land,

Memorable stories I want to share,

Giving of talents and skills I bare,

To my family, with love, I am bound,

 Blessed and grateful, I will not drown.


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  1. Families definitely can be an inspiration for achieving and creative problem=solving…thank-you for visiting my site & “liking” my blog article. My Best, joni

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