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The Moment

There are times when I would rather be sitting around on a rainy day or sunny, spring day at the beach, reading a book and letting time go by. It’s those moments when the clock is ticking, but savoring the moment has made time pause. A moment escaped into another world when the imagination lets me be a character that’s in love, on an adventure, or fights with passion for what is right.

There are times when I can close my eyes and my imagination takes off into the dreams of what I want to come. That is the times when I can type up a story where I’m communicating with my cat, seeing new worlds, or meeting those unique individuals of mystery.

Finding that passion can bring to life that enthusiasm to get up, create, and desire to move forward with the energy that fuels my eagerness to live.

I am grateful for that inner yearning that burns from within to set new goals. New goals, whatever dreamed, it could be writing, photography, crochet, or hiking but I want it to keep me active both physically and mentally. I have read that walking at least 30 minutes a day, can increase feeling more energetic and lessen health problems. I have also read that reading, or furthering education provides stimulation that enlightens to think, and can reduce the risk of dementia. These factors may be true, but my opinion, when I am doing things that excite me, then I do not have time to worry about the negative things that can bring me down. Down to that state that a sunny day can seem gloomy, and I feel blue.

I have worked in the Social Work field over 25 years and have seen with the experience those that have lost that inner desire to move forward for positive results. I say a prayer and listen. I will have to say that something was said to me that enlightened my understanding. I was told, “Putting down the drugs and alcohol was the easy part, it’s facing that part of life that lead to the blinders and staying sober that’s hard.” I know those demons of the past can be haunting and blinding to the unlimited possibilities of tomorrow. When childhood has not provided that firm foundation it can seem like the construction of life is destructive.

I cannot speak for others, but I can share what works for me. I have tried to view life as spring cleaning, if it has no purpose and it only takes up space, then it is time to discard. There are times, when some memories of the past need to be faced and then discarded. Taking that active role of responsibility will lessen the desire to blame and hold onto unproductive and negative feelings that hinder. It opens the opportunity to create those new memories today that can repair and add stability to the construction to living.

I was once told that ‘Life’ was a basket of choices and what I choose was my decision. If I picked a rotten apple, then it was my decision to drop. If I decided to hold onto the rotten apple, then I had to accept that it could affect the others apples or my future decisions. Learning from the mistakes can be difficult to face, but the lessons have provided a stronger ability to select a more appropriate apple that becomes the gift of apple delights and roots to better apples. It is not easy at times, and it does take energy and the ability to think to make those choices into the life I dream. So, I savor those moments that can add passion for living and focus on the positive to be creative.

Future Opportunity

Open the shutter,

Take a deep breath,

Savor the moment,

Think of the gift.

The gift of choice,

The decision to pursue,

To improve the quality,

The dream of life!



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