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What I could tell!

When I read various articles about getting organized, the articles’ suggestions can make it sound amazingly easy. Planning a yard sale, following the suggestions provided, seems to be a straightforward task. So, it should be easy to agree on what is no longer used and serves as clutter only. Well, not in my household. By the time, I get at least one room creatively arranged and organized and ready to move onto the next room, someone in my household starts laying things around. I will find shoes, coats, toys, and even their mail. The one thing I will say that adds more clutter to the household is junk mail. I appreciate the electronic age of going paperless. Even the technology of ordering your books and magazines on one device helps with the clutter. The main things that my family does not let go of are clothes, shoes and old items (even if broken).

Let me say this, yes I have clothes I can no longer fit into but to hold onto them all is not necessary. For a new goal, I have decided to hold onto a few outfits (no more than ten)to motivate me to drop those extra pounds, but I know when I lose weight the first thing I want to do is arrange a shopping trip and buy a new outfit. So, if the fun is in the reward of looking for new outfits, why do I hold on to the old? I have a basement packed up with men’s, women’s and even baby clothes, ball hats, CD cases, books, videos, craft materials (I bet the paints are dried up), outdoor equipment, beach items, old computers, work related materials, old bed spreads, Christmas decoration, and other Holidays. How do I creatively convince the family members to agree to give up those things they do not use? Earn some extra money with a yard sale.

I know “time” is a factor too. When I work and get those few days off, cleaning is not the past time I’m looking forward to doing. I want to spend time with family, go for a hike, or even plan a day trip to visit the zoo or beach. So, how do I find the time, creatively convince family members that it is time to minimize the clutter?

Reading several articles on the topic of getting organized, I will have to agree that scheduling a day with family to go through the clutter is essential. It is like any other event that needs to be planned and scheduled. Taking things to the trash or recycle is first that would not sell on a yard sale. Donating items to various organizations, churches, goodwill, rescue missions, library, etc can help with tax write-offs. Cleaning things that will be placed on the yard sale and agreeing on a price. Scheduling that yard sale; plan on either the first or mid of the month and not around community events or holidays. Plan on a back up date in case weather does not agree with your plans.

Agree to use the money earned for something the whole family can enjoy. Something the whole family can benefit from, like a vacation or even a game.

Ok…Now it is time for me to take these suggestions and put this blog into action. Wondering if my family is reading? (Laughing) Like I said, getting creatively organized does sound so easy!


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