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Imagination Creates

See With Imagination

Today with the cloud cover and stronger breeze, knowing rain is in the forecast, it’s a perfect day to let the imagination come to life. Letting my imagination wander produces creative ideas. It’s a combination of reality and fantasy. It gives the ability to escape and create.

When I have a desire to rearrange the furniture in the living room, I first use my imagination of where things should be. Think about what I have available and what would be needed to complete the image I have created in my mind. When I attend yard sales and flea markets, I do the same thing. There is an old saying, “someone’s junk can be another person’s treasure.” I find the truth in that saying every day. I have found clothes from the goodwill, used them for costumes, work clothes, and even dress clothes. I have found furniture, and with a little work and paint, it becomes an exquisite piece in my house. I have found single items that should be in a set and with craft material; those items find their selves on wreaths, Christmas ornaments, and even gifts for others.

I have friends that complain about time and time can be an issue when children and job are involved. I also have used those same excuses when I see laundry mounting up, dishes piling up in the sink and repairs that need to be made. I ask myself at times, why do I not schedule fun activities that bring joy into my daily routine? If writing helps to relax me and I smile as I’m writing, then too, why is it not scheduled into my daily routine?

I’m human, and I too wear many hats of responsibility, but I wonder at times, do I get so involved in the financial stress, parenthood worries, and work commitments to punish myself because I lack the confidence to do what makes me happy? Do I think it’s selfish if I am happy with what I am doing and when someone next to me is miserable?

Six years ago, when I was going through chemotherapy and radiation, the nurses and doctors kept telling me to do what made me happy. They would tell me, “It’s all about you now.” It was a concept I didn’t understand. With time passing, I have had to learn to change my point of view, and accept that it is not being selfish to be doing what makes me happy. I’m learning it’s something everyone needs at times and not when you’re facing a health issue or fighting for your health, but early on to prevent and continue with quality health. I’m learning continuously, when I do what makes me happy, then I’m more productive to share positive moments with the ones I love.

So, today will be all about me (and you, if you’re reading) to do what makes me happy. I want to be healthy (both physically and mentally), to be around to talk about financial issues, the children/grandchildren, and jobs. So, I’ll write, I’ll walk, and do some crafts. My imagination has been set free!

Ideal Inspiration

Fantasize, open with the mind,

Colors and shapes of any kind,

Allow all the senses to observe,

Unique ideas appear to unwind!



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