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Today began with an early morning phone call. No matter how positive I attempt to be, I have come to believe that when the phone rings late at night or early morning, news is not always good. It’s difficult to receive news of a love one passing. Remembering the happy moments that can still make me laugh and smile are the treasures that give strength. Those memories are the gifts that an individual has passed on. I lean on my faith that things are better for them and accept the grieving as more of my selfishness, still wanting them around with me. Life is in motions and changes like the tides of the ocean continuously shifting sands of the shore. I have learned that with change comes acceptance to move along the journey. That journey can bring excitement, new adventures, and stimulating knowledge, to share with those surrounding me, but it is not always smooth sailing. I depend on my knowledge, talents, experiences, and faith to confront the storms and ride the waves, and if I sink that I will be rescued. I have discovered that anger and hatred are like an anchor and that anchor serves a purpose, but if held onto too long, prevents the role the vessel was constructed to provide.

Learning to cope with various issues that confront me as I move along the journey of living, it takes being creative, positive attitude, and faith in my talents and a power that is greater than me. I learned six years ago, that keeping a journal and writing out the negative issues and rereading, I could step back and say, I need to find the positive. From that journal came the creative desire to write, my interest in photography, and appreciation for family. Each person develops a means to manage and hopefully those techniques develop into effective instruments used for creative construction. Just like in science class, I learned with magnets that two negatives do not attract each other. When life throws a negative fire ball, it needs to be caught with a positive, well constructive glove. There will always be that action of a phone call, it will be my reaction that influences my decisions that will give me a resolution I can accept.


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