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Today is a beautiful spring day here. The sound of the birds singing gives an incentive to be productive. Outside the sun is shining and there is a refreshing breeze. Windows are open, and the cat sits in the window sill. Closing my eyes, I can see myself walking in the meadows and breathing in the fresh air. I give thanks for a new day and the opportunity to create. This morning has been productive working on my next children’s story and the beginning of my first novel.
No matter where I am, at home, visiting family or friends, or on the road, there is beauty that surrounds me when I look. Finding the positive out of a crisis makes me stronger, rebuilding from destruction makes me more productive, and sharing with those I love, makes me into a better person.

Today I want to keep someone dear in my prayers. She has been an awesome friend and blessed with a beautiful baby girl. The baby girl has her own struggles at an early age, and I will post the blog information of Kennedy’s Story. I know I do not always understand various events that occur in my life or anyone’s life, but I have learned through struggles and my journey that God gives comfort and strength.

• Tethered Spinal Cord ( – Kennedy’s Story: How’s She Doing? 16 hrs post-op


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