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Creative Peace

New River, WVA

I have those moments when I feel tired, frustrated, and struggle to come up with ideas. So, I let my mind wonder and day dream of where I could be and feel more relaxed, refreshed, and motivated to get involved and get things done. Some would say it is time wasted, but I say it charges my battery. That escape of the mind is necessary for me even if the physical body remains in the same environment that is surrounded by financial worries, homeowner projects, and children demanding my time and energy. I have to escape the struggle from my feelings and thoughts that I lack the support from others. I have to fight against the negative thoughts that can bring me down. I know when those negative anchors are dropped. I am aware of that sinking sensation to the bottom. Holding my breath, I find myself complaining and wanting to push others away. I don’t even like myself during those times and fully understand that others do not want to hear the negative. I become that person that smells like the gym locker room and needs a refreshing shower, so odor does not become offensive to others. To cleanse myself, I close my eyes, take deep breaths, and go on an adventure to the mountains or the beach and smell the fresh air, see the landscape beauty, and remember the thankful moments. When I return, I discover ideas come to life for writing, the house, photos, and encouraging the children on activities. I call those escapes, moments spent in creative peace. It brings peace of mind, recharges my thoughts, and provides the opportunity to see things in a different point of view. It allows me to learn and reevaluate the situation. I ask myself what is essential and how do I want and need to feel right now? I compare it to spring cleaning when I give the things I do not use away to Goodwill and rearrange the things I use in a refreshed, cleaned, and organized space. So, I’m feeling satisfied, content, and inspired then I am able to think more positive. I find I am enjoying those around me and my domain due to being an active participant with my own positive ideas, thanks to creative peace.

Carolina Beach, NC

Breeze of Life

A moment is like the breeze,

Gentle on a sunny day,

Relaxing and refreshing.

hat moment can be a struggle,

Like the winds of a storm,

Dreams damaged by harshness.


Concentrate on the breeze,

The unseen, but spirit of faith,

Commit to believe with the heart.


The motions of the breeze,

Opens choices where to sail,

Ideas to what needs to be built.


A decision that will alter,

An opportunity desired,

Bring a dream to reality.


Be it harsh or gentle,

Attitude is the key,

To the moment blowing in!



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  1. Lovely, I feel refreshed. And very pleased to make your acquaintance. — Nadbugs the Human

    Bugs: [breathes, sleeps; he’s the expert relaxer around here. human is the one who needs your help!]

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