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A Child’s First Birthday

It's My Birthday!

Today is a blessing. Each day is, but today is my granddaughter’s first birthday. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share in this past year. As I reflect on the day my daughter gave birth, came home with the bundle, and watched her development, I realize that a child can teach something as an adult we sometimes forget, unconditional love.

As an adult, we guide a child, so they may be safe. We teach a child, so they may have unlimited possibilities. We protect a child, so they may know secure boundaries to explore. We love a child so, they may teach us unconditional giving.

I would have to say, it is a blessing that I came into the world as an infant, innocent and willing to give unconditional love. I was able then to brush off anger, shake off the hurt and forgive so I could move on to play. I know I looked forward to being an adult, but my childhood was the foundation on which I have built my adulthood. The joys, lessons, and moments shared were the tools that guided me into that journey.

This past year, I have enjoyed the moments to be on the floor, making animal sounds, making funny faces, going to the park, and strolling along to take in the scenery. It has inspired me to exercise, take pictures, write and be more active and social. There is nothing wrong with wanting to play, create, and share. Some things that come natural to a child, the unconditional love, giving and forgiving, can be forgotten during adulthood. I remember hearing as I entered into adulthood, “It’s time to grow up and act your age,” and truly did not know what that meant. I know, the journey has required responsibilities, but what provides me with the ability to grow, to improve, and to create with imagination and find the strength to heal is remaining young at heart.

The laughter and smiles shared with a child is the best medicine that God could give us. There are moments a child can cry and get into everything, but it’s no different than an adult complaining or gossiping about business they should leave alone. So, when you hear someone say, “Grow up and act your age,” for me, I would rather cry, take a risk, and discover as I share laughter, smiles, and love than be so grown up that I cannot enjoy God’s gifts.

Encouraging Creativity


Encouragement is a powerful act that can motivate the best from someone. To give those praises in words, claps, hugs or eye contact can spread with positive affects to improve on a talent. Encouragement is to inspire, to stimulate confidence by an act of approval and promote the progress of growth from the gift of sharing a positive spirit. Sharing that invigorating spirit can be so energizing and it is a sensational feeling when I am encouraged to do my best. It is just as rewarding to provide encouragement and see the glow, the refreshing smile, and the sparkle in one’s eye.

When a child receives praise for a job well done, the child wants to do it again. It is the same for teens and adults, when given the encouragement; they strive to succeed at school, sports, jobs and their dreams.

I truly hope that as my children grow and I offer guidance to my grandchildren, that I will give them the inspiration to do their best, follow their dreams, and progress with knowledge that they will find peace in their talents.

It is incredible what power I and each individual holds to strengthen another individual’s dreams by just offering encouragement!
To hear those words that promote:

You can do it!
You have a remarkable talent!
You did a phenomenal job!
I am here for you!
I admire your work!
I am so moved!
I am so proud!
Job well done!

Those words assist with the growth of confidence. The confidence to grow and dream!

Creative Organization

What I could tell!

When I read various articles about getting organized, the articles’ suggestions can make it sound amazingly easy. Planning a yard sale, following the suggestions provided, seems to be a straightforward task. So, it should be easy to agree on what is no longer used and serves as clutter only. Well, not in my household. By the time, I get at least one room creatively arranged and organized and ready to move onto the next room, someone in my household starts laying things around. I will find shoes, coats, toys, and even their mail. The one thing I will say that adds more clutter to the household is junk mail. I appreciate the electronic age of going paperless. Even the technology of ordering your books and magazines on one device helps with the clutter. The main things that my family does not let go of are clothes, shoes and old items (even if broken).

Let me say this, yes I have clothes I can no longer fit into but to hold onto them all is not necessary. For a new goal, I have decided to hold onto a few outfits (no more than ten)to motivate me to drop those extra pounds, but I know when I lose weight the first thing I want to do is arrange a shopping trip and buy a new outfit. So, if the fun is in the reward of looking for new outfits, why do I hold on to the old? I have a basement packed up with men’s, women’s and even baby clothes, ball hats, CD cases, books, videos, craft materials (I bet the paints are dried up), outdoor equipment, beach items, old computers, work related materials, old bed spreads, Christmas decoration, and other Holidays. How do I creatively convince the family members to agree to give up those things they do not use? Earn some extra money with a yard sale.

I know “time” is a factor too. When I work and get those few days off, cleaning is not the past time I’m looking forward to doing. I want to spend time with family, go for a hike, or even plan a day trip to visit the zoo or beach. So, how do I find the time, creatively convince family members that it is time to minimize the clutter?

Reading several articles on the topic of getting organized, I will have to agree that scheduling a day with family to go through the clutter is essential. It is like any other event that needs to be planned and scheduled. Taking things to the trash or recycle is first that would not sell on a yard sale. Donating items to various organizations, churches, goodwill, rescue missions, library, etc can help with tax write-offs. Cleaning things that will be placed on the yard sale and agreeing on a price. Scheduling that yard sale; plan on either the first or mid of the month and not around community events or holidays. Plan on a back up date in case weather does not agree with your plans.

Agree to use the money earned for something the whole family can enjoy. Something the whole family can benefit from, like a vacation or even a game.

Ok…Now it is time for me to take these suggestions and put this blog into action. Wondering if my family is reading? (Laughing) Like I said, getting creatively organized does sound so easy!

Faith in New Beginnings

Dogwoods of NC

Easter has arrived and to me, it is a time for new beginnings. Dogwoods blooming, trees turning green and baby bunnies in the yard; spring has arrived. The weather is getting warmer, and I enjoy opening the windows to air out the house. Kids are counting down the days until school lets out and plans to be made for family fun during the summer. A time to pack those heavy winter clothes, bring out the bright, colorful spring colors and pack those heavy boots away and wear light weight sandals.

New beginnings for anything, the possibilities are endless with faith. Yes, a new beginning to write a new story, take new pictures and clean up the yard. It can be a new beginning for a diet and exercise program. It can be an opportunity to develop healthier and productive habits. It can be an opportunity to change my attitude to see things in a positive light. It can be a time to forgive and share with family and friends. That is the marvelous thing about the journey of life; we can start a new chapter whenever we make that decision. We don’t have to wait until Easter or New Year’s, but it can happen any day of the year.

Today, I have made the decision that I will continue that journey of improvement and agree that it does not happen overnight, but with time and energy to progress. Improve on the talents and skills that I use that make me happier. I have faith that I will grow and improve with each day. To believe in Easter, new beginnings or myself, it takes faith!

Faith: bases on the World English Dictionary,
— n
1. strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence
2. a specific system of religious beliefs: the Jewish faith
3. Christianity trust in God and in his actions and promises
4. a conviction of the truth of certain doctrines of religion, esp when this is not based on reason
5. complete confidence or trust in a person, remedy, etc
6. any set of firmly held principles or beliefs
7. allegiance or loyalty, as to a person or cause (esp in the phrases keep faith , break faith )
8. bad faith insincerity or dishonesty
9. good faith honesty or sincerity, as of intention in business (esp in the phrase in good faith )

— interj
10. archaic indeed; really (also in the phrases by my faith , in faith )

[C12: from Anglo-French feid , from Latin fidēs trust, confidence]

Imagination Creates

See With Imagination

Today with the cloud cover and stronger breeze, knowing rain is in the forecast, it’s a perfect day to let the imagination come to life. Letting my imagination wander produces creative ideas. It’s a combination of reality and fantasy. It gives the ability to escape and create.

When I have a desire to rearrange the furniture in the living room, I first use my imagination of where things should be. Think about what I have available and what would be needed to complete the image I have created in my mind. When I attend yard sales and flea markets, I do the same thing. There is an old saying, “someone’s junk can be another person’s treasure.” I find the truth in that saying every day. I have found clothes from the goodwill, used them for costumes, work clothes, and even dress clothes. I have found furniture, and with a little work and paint, it becomes an exquisite piece in my house. I have found single items that should be in a set and with craft material; those items find their selves on wreaths, Christmas ornaments, and even gifts for others.

I have friends that complain about time and time can be an issue when children and job are involved. I also have used those same excuses when I see laundry mounting up, dishes piling up in the sink and repairs that need to be made. I ask myself at times, why do I not schedule fun activities that bring joy into my daily routine? If writing helps to relax me and I smile as I’m writing, then too, why is it not scheduled into my daily routine?

I’m human, and I too wear many hats of responsibility, but I wonder at times, do I get so involved in the financial stress, parenthood worries, and work commitments to punish myself because I lack the confidence to do what makes me happy? Do I think it’s selfish if I am happy with what I am doing and when someone next to me is miserable?

Six years ago, when I was going through chemotherapy and radiation, the nurses and doctors kept telling me to do what made me happy. They would tell me, “It’s all about you now.” It was a concept I didn’t understand. With time passing, I have had to learn to change my point of view, and accept that it is not being selfish to be doing what makes me happy. I’m learning it’s something everyone needs at times and not when you’re facing a health issue or fighting for your health, but early on to prevent and continue with quality health. I’m learning continuously, when I do what makes me happy, then I’m more productive to share positive moments with the ones I love.

So, today will be all about me (and you, if you’re reading) to do what makes me happy. I want to be healthy (both physically and mentally), to be around to talk about financial issues, the children/grandchildren, and jobs. So, I’ll write, I’ll walk, and do some crafts. My imagination has been set free!

Ideal Inspiration

Fantasize, open with the mind,

Colors and shapes of any kind,

Allow all the senses to observe,

Unique ideas appear to unwind!


Creative Acceptance

Moments to Reflect

Today began with an early morning phone call. No matter how positive I attempt to be, I have come to believe that when the phone rings late at night or early morning, news is not always good. It’s difficult to receive news of a love one passing. Remembering the happy moments that can still make me laugh and smile are the treasures that give strength. Those memories are the gifts that an individual has passed on. I lean on my faith that things are better for them and accept the grieving as more of my selfishness, still wanting them around with me. Life is in motions and changes like the tides of the ocean continuously shifting sands of the shore. I have learned that with change comes acceptance to move along the journey. That journey can bring excitement, new adventures, and stimulating knowledge, to share with those surrounding me, but it is not always smooth sailing. I depend on my knowledge, talents, experiences, and faith to confront the storms and ride the waves, and if I sink that I will be rescued. I have discovered that anger and hatred are like an anchor and that anchor serves a purpose, but if held onto too long, prevents the role the vessel was constructed to provide.

Learning to cope with various issues that confront me as I move along the journey of living, it takes being creative, positive attitude, and faith in my talents and a power that is greater than me. I learned six years ago, that keeping a journal and writing out the negative issues and rereading, I could step back and say, I need to find the positive. From that journal came the creative desire to write, my interest in photography, and appreciation for family. Each person develops a means to manage and hopefully those techniques develop into effective instruments used for creative construction. Just like in science class, I learned with magnets that two negatives do not attract each other. When life throws a negative fire ball, it needs to be caught with a positive, well constructive glove. There will always be that action of a phone call, it will be my reaction that influences my decisions that will give me a resolution I can accept.

Treasure the Gifts

Living Gives Strength

Today is a beautiful spring day here. The sound of the birds singing gives an incentive to be productive. Outside the sun is shining and there is a refreshing breeze. Windows are open, and the cat sits in the window sill. Closing my eyes, I can see myself walking in the meadows and breathing in the fresh air. I give thanks for a new day and the opportunity to create. This morning has been productive working on my next children’s story and the beginning of my first novel.
No matter where I am, at home, visiting family or friends, or on the road, there is beauty that surrounds me when I look. Finding the positive out of a crisis makes me stronger, rebuilding from destruction makes me more productive, and sharing with those I love, makes me into a better person.

Today I want to keep someone dear in my prayers. She has been an awesome friend and blessed with a beautiful baby girl. The baby girl has her own struggles at an early age, and I will post the blog information of Kennedy’s Story. I know I do not always understand various events that occur in my life or anyone’s life, but I have learned through struggles and my journey that God gives comfort and strength.

• Tethered Spinal Cord ( – Kennedy’s Story: How’s She Doing? 16 hrs post-op

Creative Peace

New River, WVA

I have those moments when I feel tired, frustrated, and struggle to come up with ideas. So, I let my mind wonder and day dream of where I could be and feel more relaxed, refreshed, and motivated to get involved and get things done. Some would say it is time wasted, but I say it charges my battery. That escape of the mind is necessary for me even if the physical body remains in the same environment that is surrounded by financial worries, homeowner projects, and children demanding my time and energy. I have to escape the struggle from my feelings and thoughts that I lack the support from others. I have to fight against the negative thoughts that can bring me down. I know when those negative anchors are dropped. I am aware of that sinking sensation to the bottom. Holding my breath, I find myself complaining and wanting to push others away. I don’t even like myself during those times and fully understand that others do not want to hear the negative. I become that person that smells like the gym locker room and needs a refreshing shower, so odor does not become offensive to others. To cleanse myself, I close my eyes, take deep breaths, and go on an adventure to the mountains or the beach and smell the fresh air, see the landscape beauty, and remember the thankful moments. When I return, I discover ideas come to life for writing, the house, photos, and encouraging the children on activities. I call those escapes, moments spent in creative peace. It brings peace of mind, recharges my thoughts, and provides the opportunity to see things in a different point of view. It allows me to learn and reevaluate the situation. I ask myself what is essential and how do I want and need to feel right now? I compare it to spring cleaning when I give the things I do not use away to Goodwill and rearrange the things I use in a refreshed, cleaned, and organized space. So, I’m feeling satisfied, content, and inspired then I am able to think more positive. I find I am enjoying those around me and my domain due to being an active participant with my own positive ideas, thanks to creative peace.

Carolina Beach, NC

Breeze of Life

A moment is like the breeze,

Gentle on a sunny day,

Relaxing and refreshing.

hat moment can be a struggle,

Like the winds of a storm,

Dreams damaged by harshness.


Concentrate on the breeze,

The unseen, but spirit of faith,

Commit to believe with the heart.


The motions of the breeze,

Opens choices where to sail,

Ideas to what needs to be built.


A decision that will alter,

An opportunity desired,

Bring a dream to reality.


Be it harsh or gentle,

Attitude is the key,

To the moment blowing in!


Creative Nouns in the Journey

A Walk of Memories

The gentle breeze blowing my hair, the sun’s reflecting sparkles on the water, and the sand between my toes was refreshing to my imagination, thoughts, and my memories came to life. As I walked the beach and watched other children come to life on the beach, it reminded me of my childhood laughs and adventures. I was contemplating on editing one of my stories and thinking about sentence structure. Then the use and value of nouns came to mind. I have to laugh with some of the memories that surface. I drifted off to when I was young and looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons. I enjoyed the Schoolhouse Rock breaks between cartoons with songs related to History, Government, Math and English. I could hear the song again on Nouns.

“Well every person you can know,
And every place that you can go,
And anything that you can show,
You know they’re nouns.

A noun’s a special kind of word,
It’s any name you ever heard,
I find it quite interesting,
A noun’s a person, place, or thing.”

Nouns, that person, place or thing are essential to the sentence structure and to life. I know I come to life with nouns, spending a moment with a friend. I enjoy visiting various places, like the beach this week. One of the things I enjoy using is my camera to capture that sunset I’m watching. I appreciate those moments with those persons I know, and learning from the places I go, and creating with the things I show. Nouns that I like can become an inspiration to positive thoughts and dreams. Then I complete a sentence with verbs. Acting on those thoughts and dreams and turning them into reality. Those action words can add living into my life and become a blessing to whatever captures my interest. As I write, I use nouns and verbs to add form to my experiences and plans that encourage me to strive for more in my creative journey to living.

Soar High
Creating With Nouns

Noting those Special Persons,

On an adventure of Places,

Upholding interest in Things,

Never-ending Possibilities,

Soar High with Imagination!


Wake up to Create!

Morning Delight

Some mornings, especially Mondays can be a struggle to get up and get motivated. I actually don’t have to use an alarm clock due to the fact I have a cat that expects me up the same time every day. We don’t always agree, but he’s still lovable. I have been told it’s reasonable to talk to yourself as long as you don’t answer yourself, laughing! There are some mornings I have to give myself a lively talk of motivation. I think there is a part that talks back with some negative suggestions to crawl back in bed, to pull the covers over my head, and to ignore my “to do list”. I have to laugh and tune out those thoughts. Today is not one of those mornings even if it is Monday. This morning I am up and ready! I will be away from my computer for a few days. Hopefully, I will have some new photo shots to share. It’s time for me to get creative with the camera and see new sunrises and sunsets. I truly wish everyone the best and the best at being creative.

Coffee Please!

Oh Coffee, How my cup loves thee,
Hot, no sugar but a touch of cream,
I depend on you to wake up please,
Hopefully morning sunshine I’ll see.

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