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New Week and New Ideas!

Creativity can be interpretative uniquely by each individual and his or her own definition. I wish to express my concept of Creativity to living life with purpose. Creatively living and its progressiveness and stimulation of imagination beyond writing to everyday situations and problem solving gives influence to my interpretations and directions. I truly believe when I see the creative side of the outdoors, my living quarters, my schedule, my family, and my goals it allows me to use my imaginative passion to open doors to positive thinking to tackle problem solving, provide a service of kindness to others, be the product of my faith, and enhance my writing. Being positive about me and others allows me to see things in a more uplifting nature and reinforces my heart to beat to the beat of what I believe.

Things I enjoy doing that help me to be more creative:
1) Get plenty of rest.
2) Strive to eat more fruits and vegetables.
3) Get out and walk. Take in the fresh air.
4) Let my mind wander and reflect on positive moments.
5) Attempt to NOT dwell on negative deadlines and issues I cannot change.
6) Physical space, decorate and organize my workspace that allows it to be beneficial to my creative writing.
7) Daydream…daydream…daydream.

Being creative can become a way of living…a tool that aids in the selection of goals, decision making, and that positive energy that empowers you to seek the moment and make the best of each situation. Happy Creative Moment to Everyone!


Comments on: "The Creative Moment Grows!" (4)

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  2. great writing skills brotha! you are really talented.

  3. ho ho ho! Santa likes your blog a lot! Keep up the great work

  4. Holy crap! I couldn’t have said that any better 🙂

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