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A Day to Reflect

     As time goes by, I have those moments of questions and thoughts of, have I created a significant purpose and shared it with family and friends. I have a vision of going beyond existing, to take an active role in the participation of life. I move forward and taking some steps backwards is part of the balance. Part of the imagination to dream also requires reflection and evaluation. It’s the balance needed to evolve, develop, and grow. No matter what age, creativity within us is an ongoing process, a work of art in making, a journey to improve ourselves.
     When I’m writing I begin with a rough draft of ideas, then the imagination directs me down the path of substance, but the evaluation or editing of my writing is the most valuable contribution to creating. I make corrections, changes, and even delete unnecessary parts. It may take time, but it’s worth it. Reflecting and making changes can provide insight, construction, and performance. In my life, I strive to use those same tools to communicate, reach out to others, and be a better me.
     The process of accepting change can be scary and fearful. When a sentence or even paragraphs need to be deleted or modified, it can take on a new direction. Present an unplanned challenge to the story. I have to rely on additional resources, and research new information to begin forward into construction, but most times ending with better results.
     So, creative reflection serves a purpose of balance in writing as well as living. It enhances growth from childhood, young adult, to adulthood and stimulates development into becoming a better person. Today, I will creatively face the process of editing my story, and hopefully my growth will provide a lasting creation to be shared with those around me.


Writing Tip of the Day


Peter R. Drucker’s Quote:
“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”


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