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Seeing Beyond

See Beyond

Seeing beyond the obvious enlightens each day to be creative. Using the ability to think and express myself. Some of my ideas are not original, but with my style, they become unique to me. I truly believe there is a unique talent with creativity within each person, but there is always one or two that think they lack the knack. It doesn’t have to be common like crafts, painting or writing. I know I rely on being creative when it comes to play toys for the grandchildren, balancing the budget with today’s economy, recipes when some items are missing, and even older clothes to create a newer outfit. When I have created something that is pleasurable to me, it gives me inspiration to move onto the next project. Like when rearranging a room, the items are the same, but the imagination of arrangement has offered a refreshing newness. From day to day experiences of using my creativity, I then become more motivated to use the creative juices in writing and photography.

Sometimes we just need a few prompts to get us started.
A) Think about your childhood and a place you visited that made you feel relaxed. How could you decorate a room in your home that encourages relaxation?
B) Want to write? Start off with the prompt of a letter to someone you want to share a suggestion. It could be as simple as organizing the hall closet.
C) Make a “To Do List” of at least 10 things you want to do this year.
D) What is the greatest lesson you have learned and how would you share that with family.

Feeling Creative? Ready to get started?

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

A Gift to be shared,
A Blessing that grows,
A Strength that can heal,
The Heart surely knows,
Lean on God’s guidance,
Through life along the way,
Treasures and passions,
Become the harvest,
To share each day!



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