Charming Photos and Uplifting Writings

Saving Memories

Good Day! Better week to look ahead due to an inspiring weekend experienced. I had the opportunity to participate in my first Celebrate! Crop Event and a pleasure to meet new people, learn and share new ideas, and feel the spirit of creative juices from others. There were talented folks from various areas of the state and some from out-of-state sharing ideas, tools, skills and treasured memories of their lives.

Tools to Help Create

These occasions open more opportunities as we share and express our creative ideas and can remind us what we treasure and value in our lives.  It’s fun to take pictures, then “crop & scrap” those memories so they are unique to the individual to be shared with family and friends years down the road, and during that project…more memories are made!

Ideas Shared

I would like to say “Thank You”, to Debbie Galeano, organizer of one of the local crops and retreats in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia area.  I look forward to experiencing more crops and retreats!

It's a Bumper Crop of Memories

With so much going on around the world and in the news, this weekend was a reminder to me that there are times in our lives that our focus needs to escape the worries, competitions, and demands of society’s stressors and enjoy the moments with family, friends, and what brings a reassuring smile and hug.  I wish everyone an awe-inspiring week filled with creative experiences!

New perceptive I realized,
Creativity helped me utilized,
Encouragement to promote,
Heartfelt moments I will note,
Inspiration to create,
New ideas to celebrate,
Enthusiasm received from grace,
To be shared beyond today,
To be used along the way,
Life is a gift to be treasured,
When others share in the pleasure!



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