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Road to Creative-Ville

I will be participating in a Celebrate! Cropping Event this weekend. I look forward to returning to share with others the adventures of fun and creative ideas!

Golden Moments to Reflect Upon

It is surprising when I reflect on being creative or striving to use creativity as a source of energy in each day. Viewing situations in a more positively effective manner adds a change to the spirit. I find more confidence and hope in myself and others around me. I can feel that tingle of excitement inside that gives that inspiration to get motivated to complete projects, be with others, and determination to get up each morning. That road to creative-ville allows me to find those memorable and unique qualities from within that I can share and express. The joy to create comes from the heart, and it’s a must that it is from within. I have been that person at times that looks appealing from the outside, but lacks the internal tools to function. It’s similar to an attractive package decorated with color, paper and bows, but when opened, it’s dark and empty. Leaving you disappointed. At times, you get that package wrapped in brown with string, and when opened it’s the award you’ve been looking forward to that will provide delight to you and those around. I guess you might say, there is considerable truth in the various sayings that what’s noteworthy is from the inner core of what makes our heart beat!

Reflect Upon

LOVE for one self is an essential ingredient to gain respect for one self in order to discover the gifts hidden from within ourselves.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Faith, Hope & Love


So, my reflection on creative-ville has allowed me to return to the basic core of finding the tools to be effective in pursuing my dreams and give meaning to that worthwhile journey that bears results in my life.




I wish to share a gift to be,
Writing a rainbow just for thee,
Splashing it with colors bright,
Sprinkle it with a hopeful delight,
That mornings be filled with Hope,
Strengthening tools gifted to note,
Remaining focused upon that dream,
Love in heart and Creativity be the theme.



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  1. my thought processes on this subject vary from you.its fine that you brought this up on your weblog,it was a great debatable understand.

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