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The Journey

Creativity is within us all.
Ever looked over at him/her and think how they have it made,
And never give our self the credit that deep down we are the same?
Creativity… believes within you that you can imagine, dream, and have confidence that ideas and hopes, give progress to becoming a better me. No better and no worse.
The difference…Creativity happens with commitment and passion and the desire to make something happen.
Creativity reminds me of my son’s favorite bedtime story of the Little Engine that could! We can be creative and bring forth new ideas that develop into new changes in life when we say, “I think I can”.

Journey to Living

Opportunities develop out of storms,
To cope and develop makes new skills,
Gain and treasure the trust of a friend,
Give strength in faith, hope, and love,
Develop me into a better me.

The storms of life may seem strong,
Pressures to rebuild may seem scary,
Feeling… too tired to make the climb,
Seen too much, I will not give up,
Develop me into a better me.

Experiences have come with living,
Some troublesome with a lesson,
Some pleasant with a gift to treasure,
Believing in the passion of dreams,
Develop me into a better me.

The heart has known hurt,
The body has known failure,
The mind has known forgetfulness,
The soul has known loneliness,
Yet, I develop into a better me.

God’s touch has been soft,
God’s hold has been comforting,
God’s hand has been strong,
God’s grace has been lifting,
God develops me into a better me.

Laughter has given strength,
Crying has drained the weakness,
Each day has been a journey,
Each moment of reconstruction,
Develop me into a better me.

I absorb and map the circumstances,
Calmly rejoice for who I am today.
I will witness results of my creativity,
Empowering me to move forward,
Develop me into a better me.



Comments on: "Creativity aids in the Journey of Life!" (2)

  1. I must say, whilst checking through dozens and dozens of blogs each week, the theme of your blog stands apart (for all the proper reasons). If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the name of this theme or would it be a especially designed affair? It’s far better compared to themes I personally use for some of my blogs

    • Well…I appreciate the praise of telling me that my blog stands apart. The theme is centered around creativity in life…it’s more of a motivational tool for me so I will write as I work towards completing a middle school age book and a novel. I’m sharing my thoughts that will inspire me and hopefully others that read my blog. Like I said…it’s more for me, but I enjoy sharing! Thanks again!!! Sandy

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