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Creative Journey

Colorful Journey

No matter what your interest, being creative about it can produce a positive influence. I know when I think more positive about what I’m doing, I think more confident about me, which in turn helps to develop me into a better person. On that journey through life, I face challenges and run into those moments when the negative wants to cover me like a blanket in the night, but when I wake I have to make the decision and accept the responsibility to find those positive thoughts. I like to keep within reach my crafts, camera, scrapbook, and story I’m writing to give me hope.

I will share a part of my journey with you. I faced those dark words six years ago of hearing the diagnosis of cancer. I had to hold onto positive thoughts, faith, and hope that I would get through, and it would become a blessing. Oh, there were a lot of negative blankets that wanted to invite themselves into my house and wrap me up in grief and doom. It was not an easy journey, but I became inspired with a journal and wrote my first children’s story by stepping into the life of my cat. Becoming more creative offered a positive change and I am a breast cancer survivor.

Today, I continue to strive to develop a positive perception and interpretation to my journey by being creative each day as I live. I enjoy getting out and hiking, taking pictures, being with family and friends, and of course writing. It’s appropriate to be thankful, and I am to family and friends, pets, and a power to be greater than I, God!

A creative miracle

Creative Beginning
The tender warmth of a sunrise,
Removes the chilliness of the night,
Behold today, a creative miracle.


The Creative Moment Grows!


New Week and New Ideas!

Creativity can be interpretative uniquely by each individual and his or her own definition. I wish to express my concept of Creativity to living life with purpose. Creatively living and its progressiveness and stimulation of imagination beyond writing to everyday situations and problem solving gives influence to my interpretations and directions. I truly believe when I see the creative side of the outdoors, my living quarters, my schedule, my family, and my goals it allows me to use my imaginative passion to open doors to positive thinking to tackle problem solving, provide a service of kindness to others, be the product of my faith, and enhance my writing. Being positive about me and others allows me to see things in a more uplifting nature and reinforces my heart to beat to the beat of what I believe.

Things I enjoy doing that help me to be more creative:
1) Get plenty of rest.
2) Strive to eat more fruits and vegetables.
3) Get out and walk. Take in the fresh air.
4) Let my mind wander and reflect on positive moments.
5) Attempt to NOT dwell on negative deadlines and issues I cannot change.
6) Physical space, decorate and organize my workspace that allows it to be beneficial to my creative writing.
7) Daydream…daydream…daydream.

Being creative can become a way of living…a tool that aids in the selection of goals, decision making, and that positive energy that empowers you to seek the moment and make the best of each situation. Happy Creative Moment to Everyone!

Creative Determination

Thought for Today

My Thoughts for Today!

Determination is an essential and significant element to the creation of a dream.
I may have the imagination and my thoughts swimming with ideas, but they remain hidden like a treasure buried and unknown to others until I become determined to create and share. From society’s expectations, I face daily demands and stressors that I accept to be a productive adult, but I remain in control of my interpretation, attitude, and perceptive when I strive to create a vision that adds fulfillment to living. A dream can evoke strong emotions, sweet thoughts, and uplifting desires, but the journey begins in the pursuit, the courage to strive and take a risk, and shape that dream into a living reality that can be shared. No matter what the challenge, I remind myself to stay determined and never let go of my pursuit, accept the risks of failure to bring to life the creation of my dream. Determination is the energy to my beating heart to live!

A Dream

Create with imagination,
Reach to achieve,
Explore each aspect,
Attention to each detail,
Trust in your confidence,
Express with charisma.

Anticipation, hopeful attitude,

Determination, earnest desire,
Receptive, positive suggestions,
Expectation, unlimited possibilities,
Aspiration, willingness to strive,
Motivation, bring into existence.


Creative Reflection

A Day to Reflect

     As time goes by, I have those moments of questions and thoughts of, have I created a significant purpose and shared it with family and friends. I have a vision of going beyond existing, to take an active role in the participation of life. I move forward and taking some steps backwards is part of the balance. Part of the imagination to dream also requires reflection and evaluation. It’s the balance needed to evolve, develop, and grow. No matter what age, creativity within us is an ongoing process, a work of art in making, a journey to improve ourselves.
     When I’m writing I begin with a rough draft of ideas, then the imagination directs me down the path of substance, but the evaluation or editing of my writing is the most valuable contribution to creating. I make corrections, changes, and even delete unnecessary parts. It may take time, but it’s worth it. Reflecting and making changes can provide insight, construction, and performance. In my life, I strive to use those same tools to communicate, reach out to others, and be a better me.
     The process of accepting change can be scary and fearful. When a sentence or even paragraphs need to be deleted or modified, it can take on a new direction. Present an unplanned challenge to the story. I have to rely on additional resources, and research new information to begin forward into construction, but most times ending with better results.
     So, creative reflection serves a purpose of balance in writing as well as living. It enhances growth from childhood, young adult, to adulthood and stimulates development into becoming a better person. Today, I will creatively face the process of editing my story, and hopefully my growth will provide a lasting creation to be shared with those around me.


Writing Tip of the Day


Peter R. Drucker’s Quote:
“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”

Seeing Beyond

See Beyond

Seeing beyond the obvious enlightens each day to be creative. Using the ability to think and express myself. Some of my ideas are not original, but with my style, they become unique to me. I truly believe there is a unique talent with creativity within each person, but there is always one or two that think they lack the knack. It doesn’t have to be common like crafts, painting or writing. I know I rely on being creative when it comes to play toys for the grandchildren, balancing the budget with today’s economy, recipes when some items are missing, and even older clothes to create a newer outfit. When I have created something that is pleasurable to me, it gives me inspiration to move onto the next project. Like when rearranging a room, the items are the same, but the imagination of arrangement has offered a refreshing newness. From day to day experiences of using my creativity, I then become more motivated to use the creative juices in writing and photography.

Sometimes we just need a few prompts to get us started.
A) Think about your childhood and a place you visited that made you feel relaxed. How could you decorate a room in your home that encourages relaxation?
B) Want to write? Start off with the prompt of a letter to someone you want to share a suggestion. It could be as simple as organizing the hall closet.
C) Make a “To Do List” of at least 10 things you want to do this year.
D) What is the greatest lesson you have learned and how would you share that with family.

Feeling Creative? Ready to get started?

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

A Gift to be shared,
A Blessing that grows,
A Strength that can heal,
The Heart surely knows,
Lean on God’s guidance,
Through life along the way,
Treasures and passions,
Become the harvest,
To share each day!


Creativity…A Positive Influence

I will allow creativity to receive credit for providing new opportunities to perceptive. There are times when things seem to go wrong, from the little things of waking up late, car not starting, or an unexpected bill, but when I decide to write about it and put it into story form as an outsider stepping in…it gives a new angle and at times can even provide a solution to the situation that seemed upsetting at first. It’s like taking responsibility of me and my reactions, control of the moment, and writing my own conclusion. It allows me to decide how I want my character to prevail through the crisis at hand. Of course, the child within still likes a resolution that can make me happy, content, and satisfied.

Take Flight


Adventures of the heart,

Give the soul a gentle spark,

To strive for what is right,

To create and even write,

A journey I’m willing to start.



Franklin Roosevelt
Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.

10 Creative Ways to Beat Writer’s Block Fast

Memories to make you Smile!

Saving Memories

Good Day! Better week to look ahead due to an inspiring weekend experienced. I had the opportunity to participate in my first Celebrate! Crop Event and a pleasure to meet new people, learn and share new ideas, and feel the spirit of creative juices from others. There were talented folks from various areas of the state and some from out-of-state sharing ideas, tools, skills and treasured memories of their lives.

Tools to Help Create

These occasions open more opportunities as we share and express our creative ideas and can remind us what we treasure and value in our lives.  It’s fun to take pictures, then “crop & scrap” those memories so they are unique to the individual to be shared with family and friends years down the road, and during that project…more memories are made!

Ideas Shared

I would like to say “Thank You”, to Debbie Galeano, organizer of one of the local crops and retreats in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia area.  I look forward to experiencing more crops and retreats!

It's a Bumper Crop of Memories

With so much going on around the world and in the news, this weekend was a reminder to me that there are times in our lives that our focus needs to escape the worries, competitions, and demands of society’s stressors and enjoy the moments with family, friends, and what brings a reassuring smile and hug.  I wish everyone an awe-inspiring week filled with creative experiences!

New perceptive I realized,
Creativity helped me utilized,
Encouragement to promote,
Heartfelt moments I will note,
Inspiration to create,
New ideas to celebrate,
Enthusiasm received from grace,
To be shared beyond today,
To be used along the way,
Life is a gift to be treasured,
When others share in the pleasure!


Road to Creative-Ville

I will be participating in a Celebrate! Cropping Event this weekend. I look forward to returning to share with others the adventures of fun and creative ideas!

Golden Moments to Reflect Upon

It is surprising when I reflect on being creative or striving to use creativity as a source of energy in each day. Viewing situations in a more positively effective manner adds a change to the spirit. I find more confidence and hope in myself and others around me. I can feel that tingle of excitement inside that gives that inspiration to get motivated to complete projects, be with others, and determination to get up each morning. That road to creative-ville allows me to find those memorable and unique qualities from within that I can share and express. The joy to create comes from the heart, and it’s a must that it is from within. I have been that person at times that looks appealing from the outside, but lacks the internal tools to function. It’s similar to an attractive package decorated with color, paper and bows, but when opened, it’s dark and empty. Leaving you disappointed. At times, you get that package wrapped in brown with string, and when opened it’s the award you’ve been looking forward to that will provide delight to you and those around. I guess you might say, there is considerable truth in the various sayings that what’s noteworthy is from the inner core of what makes our heart beat!

Reflect Upon

LOVE for one self is an essential ingredient to gain respect for one self in order to discover the gifts hidden from within ourselves.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Faith, Hope & Love


So, my reflection on creative-ville has allowed me to return to the basic core of finding the tools to be effective in pursuing my dreams and give meaning to that worthwhile journey that bears results in my life.




I wish to share a gift to be,
Writing a rainbow just for thee,
Splashing it with colors bright,
Sprinkle it with a hopeful delight,
That mornings be filled with Hope,
Strengthening tools gifted to note,
Remaining focused upon that dream,
Love in heart and Creativity be the theme.


Irish Blessings to all!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!
A day that many Irish and Irish at Heart celebrate by wearing the color green, enjoying parades, activities for kids, and being with family and friends over food and drinks, since it’s observed that Lenten restrictions can be lifted on fasting and drinking for this one day during the season.


Luck of the Green!


For each petal on the shamrock,
This brings a wish your way –
Good health, good luck, and happiness-
For today and every day.
~Author Unknown


St. Patrick’s Day


May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
~Irish Blessing





 Best of Luck!
Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,
The color to wear will be seen,
In town and all around,
It’s green, green, green!

Whistle an Irish tunes you may,
Sing an Irish songs or two,
To-day we all are Irish,
And our worries are few.

I’ll wear a four-leaf shamrock,
Wishing Good Luck to everyone,
For my family and friends are Irish,
Today, I am Irish till the day is done!

March 17, 2011
Quote of the Day
“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
Mark Twain

Writer’s Digest-10 Ways to Fuel Your Writing

Writer’s Digest – 10 Ways to Fuel Your Writing.

There is various information that aids to build our motivation to follow our dreams and I was inspired after reading this article.  I decided to share this link for others that strive to be creative.

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